Because I have no life: Some highlights from reviews and such and such…

“Every now and then, critics get a chance for a
do-over. Case in point: “Spring Awakening,” the rock-music reimagining
of Franz Wedekind’s 1891 broadside against the sexual hypocrisies of
provincial Germany. When it opened off-Broadway this summer, I could
barely wait to get home and type the following:

“‘Spring Awakening’ is the most thrilling rock musical of the last decade.”

months later, as so often happens, passions have simmered. Opinions
have deepened and clarified. So allow this cooler head to modify the
above sentence. “Spring Awakening” is, in my measured opinion, the most
thrilling rock musical ever.”

“Some theatergoers would rather not watch a
young man masturbate to a picture postcard while speaking of Othello’s
Desdemona, and it’s hard to fault them for that.”

“”Spring Awakening” did not merely open at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre
last night. The action was more like ripping open, more like breaking
out, more like tearing into the pretend pop and reused plots that pass
for new musicals on Broadway today.”

Elysa Gardner for USA TODAY wrote that “Beautiful,
messy, exhilarating, awkward, vital: They’re all adjectives you might
use to describe first love. So it’s fitting that you could also readily
apply them to Spring Awakening, the imperfect but transcendent new musical that opened Sunday at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre.”

Hah. I always sort of held a grudge against Lea Michelle (the lead in Spring Awakening…who has sex on stage with jonathan groff) for being the one that jonathan has sex with hahaha and etc…but I read a bunch of interviews with her and now I love her…she’s so sweet…and sort of reminds me of sarah…anyway…some lea quotes:

I love Jonathan Groff with all of my heart — he is my best friend in
the entire world, and I couldn’t imagine being here without him. -Lea Michelle

Q: What are some of your dream roles?

Michele: Oh my gosh, I have so many. I will be honest — I want to be Elphaba in Wicked. Let me be Elphaba in Wicked, and I’ll be happy.


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