How much have you changed in three years?

How old were you?
Then: 13
Now: 16

Where did you go to school?
Then: Hun Middle School
Now: Hun…high school…

Who were your best friends?
Then: um. mat…amy…sarah k…emlyn
Now: i’m not sure hahah…

Where did you work?
Then: didn’t work…
Now: at the strip club.

What did you dress like?
Then: like a complete loser.
Now: like a bigger loser.

Did you have a lot of friends?
Then: no
Now: no

Music you listened to?
Then: CRAP. utter crap. like pst.
Now: much better crap. SPRING AWAKENING.

Where did you live?
Then: in this same old house.
Now: here.

Who did you hate?
Then: um….no one? hahaha laura and mary
Now: no one.

What was your hair style:
Then: same…
Now: except now reddish

Did you do sports?
Then: nope. just dance.
Now: now just theatre.

Who was your regular-person crush?
Then: teehee. rob. teehee. and cmapbell earlier.
Now: wow. i guess no one. there’s tommy…

How many tattoos did you have?
Then: 5
Now: 3

What was your favorite thing to do?
Then: I don’t really remember…stare at the tv.
Now: party in my pants.

Had you driven a car?
Then: no
Now: haha illegally

Have you done drugs?
Then: nope
Now: definatley not

Had your heart broken?
Then: i guess not..but maybe
Now: oh boy yeah

Who was your favorite teacher?
Then: ohm?
Now: bogie hahaha. and o’b

Then: single
Now: bitter

Biggest Difference Between Then and Now?
Then: me. my life. my family.
Now: yeah.

Do You Like It More Then or Now?
eh. eh. eh. so much has changed…

 haha funny:

z54857380Gone to hellone in a million



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