Mmmm. Spirit week is just so much fun.

I love my friends.

I love my theatre cult.

I love my life.

I love my Tommy.

I love my play.

I love it all.

Um so it was clash day. I had first free and I just slept all the way in through to second period and was like 20 minutes late to french haha it was so bad. then i had physics and we didnt have our test so we just did nothing pretty much. then activitites period was GSA and running around aimlessly and sexing up people. then video we finished run lola run which was pleasing. english was like SO funny becuase morgan arons is mentally unstable. then math i failed my test which actually like realllly not good. UGH. then health was more boring presentations. then advanced scene was jen and joe’s monologues which we pleasing.


Yyayy!! and after school we rode around in her new car and it basically made my day.

My mom just got back from her date with this guy and she was soo cute it was adorable.

then after school there was MUCH insane ssex. oh like randomly campbell’s ap bio class came into my advnaced scene class and like campbell gave me this like head nod thing and was like staring me down and i was like wtf is wrong with you child.

then play practice was sort of splendid. we finished the play.a dn i love love love lvoe lvoe my theatre cult. i never want this to end ever. i love. then we all hung out at the couch for an hour together and then i was gonna stay for tech call but emlyn came in and got me. i drove lucy home then went home and blubbed. i guess its just as well though…ive got psats tomorrow and i need to sleep alot alot.

and i miss my tommy alottt. this is all so unfair.

night. love. hope.





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