“So how about you decide that by the end of Junior year you’ll have kissed someone really special”

-My mom.

Well wow wow. What a truly bizarre life I am leading. Today was so weird.

Well. French first…I don’t really remember that. then physics allegra told me about how she hotboxed a hun bus. weirdo. then health we had presentations and me and mark laughed the whole time and jen was randomly like “so i heard about friday night” and was like talking about it loudly and vividly and like everyone around could hear and i was just like ummm stfu please.then hun tv was gay and long. then i ran up to activities lunch. saw connor bowman…it was a little weird haha. then in video we just watched zoolander and rap videos…it was so pleasing. then english was…nice…we watched a vide on transcendentalists and i was like wow. that’s so me. then we had a math quiz which was dumb. that class is soo dumb. then in advanced scene bogie wasnt here so me and joe and soloman spent the whole period inthe computer lab looking up lyrics and it was so pleasing. joe talked in his sexy voice and i called him a pornstar and it was a little awkward. joe was like on crack. and it was like the first time we had ever like really talked. it was so pleasing. i kept saying really innapropriate things. way to go. then last period was like SOOO weird that i like couldnt stand it and i had to go call mat and vent and be confused. that was weird. then after school was even weirder. like i guess its fine between me and connor, but jeremy and erica were seriously being sooo weird i couldnt handle it. and they wouldnt just fucking tell me what was the matter which was so annoying. i wanted to slap someone. so i just left. i vented to sam but it didnt really make much sense. and then christina made me watch some movie for like a half an hour and i was just confused and annoyed. then i actually went to dance and had to deal with jordan browning. oh dear. anyway the whole day was just thoroughly confusing and annoying and like blahh and i want to shoot high schoolers because they are so weird. today was actually like a really easy day academically. but socially it was just sooo weird.

then i came home and was in like a really weird mood so i started like visciously like going through old pictures and yeah. it was a fun time. i made a whole thing on my facebook of old pictures and yeah. um.

for some reason i have NO idea why i talked to my mom about like…kissingness…that would be what the above quote would be referring to. im telling you. my life is SOO ridiculous.

i dont know what to think i really don’t.

and i reallly dont like this advanced scene assignment. UGH.

just keep going…


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