Wow. Call me crazy…I never thought I would say this….but today was
actually…really wonderful. I’m excited for Junior year. Well not
excited…but hopeful. Full of hope.

I never imagined it would have gone that well actually…but I felt like I was home.

If this is my life, I’m going to make the most of it. If this is where
I have to be now, I’m going to live it until the very last. These are
the greatest years of our lives…they only happen once…and I’m going
to live them to the fullest.

Summer is over, yes…but the absolute truth of it all is that I’m
still alive. I’m not dead. I can still breathe and still feel and still
make new memories. This may be the end of one beautiful moment…but
even more so it’s the beginning of a new beautiful moment…I’m still
alive…I have to keep moving through…and this is just a new exciting
chapter. A new beginning. And I can make of it what I want…and I want
it to be beautiful. And so it shall be.

So yes. I have alot of hope for this year.

This moment is only what you make of it…and I’m going to make junior
year as beautiful as can be. I’m taking the plunge…falling into the
long winding road…and now I’m ready. I’ll surface on the other side a
new being. I won’t make the same mistakes and I won’t regret. I’ll live.

To the future.


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