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Oh sigh.
I feel like I’ve found myself. Life seems so much clearer with a path.
Finally. I really want to dedicate myself to being an artist. In every
shape and form.

But I’m a tad overwhelmed. Scheduling insanity and feeling smothered
and stifled by high school…and I’ve got choice…but not enough
choice to feel free. So I can’t decide anything. It’s unheard of at the
Hun School to want to do two arts. Gasp. You’re interested in something
other than football, popped collars and a future of money-making?
That’s what they’re breeding. Art? What are you thinking? It’s okay.
I’ll just accept it for what it is.

Plus I’m sort of upset at myself and at the world at the fact that I’m
losing my…dancing. I virtually can’t dance that much this year…it
doesn’t fit into my schedule and it’s depressing…I’ve been a dancer
since I was 3 years old. Since I could walk I was dancing. So naturally
it’s difficult to let it go but…ugh.

Today was really really blah…woke up at like 3 or 4…went to Hun to
figure out schedules…got an application for prex…started thinking
about the prospect of school again. Meh. Worked on shit. Watched Kyle
XY. Didn’t talk to Tommy. Finished up my journal/scarpbook. Watched
some fun stuff with Bryan. Sighness.


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