The Ten Commandments of Sophmore Year and Beyond.

What all the mistakes, betrayl, lies and tears have taught us.

Thou shalt not drink with Connor Bowman. It’s simply not a wise idea.

Thou shalt not miss or mess up an audition. And then not appreciate what little part you have. Every part is beautiful.

Thou shalt not take anything for granted. No day but today.

Thou shalt not skip class. Tis a fundamental. Don’t be a rebel either.
Actually…rebel. But don’t let the school know you’re doing it.

Thou shalt not trust high school boys. Don’t rely on them too much
either. But don’t catagorize them as “inherantly evil” either.

Thou shalt not break hearts. Hurt boys leads to angry boys leads to violence.

Thou shalt not accept “border guys” as anything other than sketchy.
Avoid being caught in strange hallways with them late at night.

Thou shalt not run to (literally run to) thy lover’s house everytime
you’re feeling desperate. Don’t show him that weakness. And don’t show
up uninvited. It’s never a good idea with bipolar men. Oh and incase
you ever try it, don’t show up and hide under his table on his back
porch either.

Thou shalt not talk shit.

Thou shalt not be a whore.

Thou shalt covet thy true friends.

Thou shalt not regret thou’s failed relationships and pureness of the heart.

Thou shalt not use “huff” as a common word in your vocabulary. Word to the wise: it can be misinterpreted.

Thou shalt not condemn thy neighbors sport. If you haven’t tried
it…don’t judge it. Even if you have tried it…respect it nonetheless.

Thou shalt not waste vast amounts of time on thy devil’s worship: myspace…or simply AIM or xanga and not. do. any. work.

Thou shalt procrastinate. But at a healthy level.

Thou shalt not believe that you can weasel your way out of everything. At some point the line thins out and you cross it easily.

Thou shalt not abuse the word “sociopath.”

Thou shalt accept thine strangers and outcasts and not judge those that
present obstacles. You never know what they have in store.
Namely…Melissa Kay.

Thou shalt not fall for thine’s best friend. Tis stupid and pointless.

Thou shalt not give thine teacher’s attitude. Or piss Cip into insanity so you get kicked out of class daily.

Thou shalt covet thine work details.

Thou shalt not let Rent get the better of you. But praise it. Oh praise it.

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