Oh have I mentioned that we suck? That we’re all sluts and hoes? Hah. Well we are.

Well. Today was interesting. Sort of stressfulnessish. Had to do like
my entire chem project with no frees at all. Somehow I just sort of
bsed my way through the project…glad it’s over…but it wasn’t taht
great. Oh well. At least I did something on time for once. Um. Didn’t
really talk to people…twas busy running around like a madman. Hun tv
was…strange. Lots of Joe. That was good. Last 5 minutes of lunch was
strange. My classes were boring. Math was the LONGEST PERIOD OF MY
FUCKING LIFE. But I learned about permutations. so it’s all good. And
only 4 more double math periods….EVER. That class actually rocked.
But anyway. After school…….ran around? Pimped…raped my
brother…went home pretty early.


No idea what I did when I got home. Em and I went on a beasty dinner run. WOOT.

Haha So Erica and I have decided that this school is on CRACK. FO SHO.

Haha shit. Kyle figured out that I like Joe. And of course he’ll tell him. Oh well. Whatever. My life continues on.

Completely random icons that I have no idea why I’m posting:

Song is overplayed…but its so true:


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