Sooooooo. Today was a good day.

Um. History test first…was easy…Then math…Holy shit I had no
fucking clue what I was doing on math. I seriously think that was the
worst quiz I have ever taken in my entire life. I’m not kidding. Then
acitivities…I just like cried. And then um. I don’t remember what
happened during activities like at all. AH. Connor and me and sam
plotted our SKETCHY FRIDAY NIGHT HAPPENEINGS….and I talked to Jeremy
and he said he wanted to too… then we were probably all
talking loudly about tihngs we haha….really shouldn’t have
been….then chem was boring as hell…then lunch was um…fine…HAHA.
Jordan Browning was there and I basically wanted to tear out her
entrails with a spork. um ya……..then french hahaha i skipped cuz i
went to donati because…ya…and i wont get into that…and then AH
WAS THE GREATEST PERIOD OF MY LIFE Hahahaah…erica and i went out and
tlaked on the grass and basically it was the greatest time ever. Just.
Ever. We’re like the same FREAKING PERSON. I LOVE YOU DARLING.
Seriously I felt really good talking to her…even though I was just
like going on and on about just complete random shit. And then
hahahahah CUMMINGS! And poetic juices from cip and cip being a poetic

Then after school was………… Finished a french quiz.

And then rehearsal basically dominated. AHAHAHA. IT WAS JUST AMAZING.
Beucase like ohm wasn’t here and we were doing an excerise where u
repeat everything the person says…so basically it was just Lysistrata
mayhem and people just saying the absolute most random shit…and all
of us like spazzing and dancing…and ya. I was like hyserical with
laughter. Omg something realllly funny happened but now I don’t
remember it. Shucks. We were done fairly early. Joe is a hot director.

And then after rehearsal…ummm….”talked” to Rob for a bit…he said
I was looking sexy or like a sexpot or something like that and I was
like ahhhhh there’s my Robbie back. And then randomly Jen Jacobs came
over to us and talked to us for like an hour…and then everyone left
and it was just me and jen talking…and I don’t know…it was
good…she’s actually really nice…a freaking social butterfly…but
it’s ok. And then I made a big mistake…ahhhhhh…so bad haha….and
said something i shouldnt have…and jen was seriously FLIPPING out and
calling random ppl to tell them and was like breaking into carter to
tell the boarder girls. Hahaha oh shit. That be bad. But so then jen
and i went into carter and we hung out in mia’s room with kiala and
margretta and taylor and all of them and it was good…but i honestly
felt really awkward once i got in there…becasue i was just sort of
like…..ya….and so then i left……anddd….I don’t remember. I had
dinner with Riley hahaha. And then ugh. This is such a long day.

I’ll write quickly. Um. Then I uh…hung out with Riley for a
while…and YOU JIN. And then. Um. Amy and then hahaha she wanted to go
up to get food and then the cafeteria was closed and I was supposed to
meet her up there and then apparently she begged mr. stevenson to give
her food so i come out and she’s like driving in a car with some
sketchy man and i realize it’s pops and i like leap into the car. haha
it was funnya t the time. riley was pretty confused.

It was the fucking chamber music concert. Last year…this day….things were sooo different. So differnet.

So then amy and i were down at campbell’s house and pops made amy
dinner…and it was….very strange…and so we ate and sat there for
like 45 minutes and then campbll came home and was seriously like What.
The. Fuck. hahaha i don’t blame him. But then he seemed pretty
upset…but he told us what happened about how he was sick and we tried
to comfort him or whatever…so i guess it was actually okay…and then
amy gave him a big hug and i was going to and i realized i couldnt. i
just oculdnt make myself haha. so then the three of us talked for like
an hour about just……crap…and it was actually good…i actually
feel like campbell and i are getting on the right foot again. I like
this direction. Still have no idea whether or not he likes amy. just.
no fucking clue what goes through his mind. but it definately seemed
like he wanted to be with us…so that was good…whtether is was amy
or me…either way twas good.

then we went up to the school…and i wanted to be with my mark…so we
went into study hall…and then basically i was up at study hall with
mark and katelyn and carla for an hour…haha i have no life. haha i
seriously need a home. i was there till 9. but it was SOO fucking
hilarious. omg. and royce talking about spengler’s penis and it was the
grossest thing evr…but somehow sooo funny. hahaha. wow. i love them.
and um. so ya. that was actually really good time…im glad i was up
there…even though i felt weird…it was soo funny.

This with Mark and I are very strange. Hmph. Love him though.

Then I came home and watched the office….YESSS. Sooo good.

And then Emlyn and I had a very nice long open
converstaion…about….um…tomorrow…and I’ma ctually realllllly
glad I did…I mean I wasn’t sure whether or not to get her in on
it…but I’m really glad that I did. And I’m okay with how she feels
about it all…and I’m so glad she doesn’t feel uncomfortable or
pressured. I’m glad we’re on the same page. I’m glad we’ll be safe
tomorrow. And I’m fucking glad that we’re gonna be BEASTS.

And now I should go to sleep. Really.

I GET TO DO A SOLO. can i hear a WOOT WOOT. Now I have to pick a song.

Oh. Quotes of the day…fo sho. They were both really funny at the time haha…not so sure anymore…

Connor: You’re like a ferret on crack

Mark: Carla you remind me of a neutered dog

Oh life. Oh please don’t sink me down again.

I don’t think I’m in love with him again. But I really do love him. Always will.

I’ll just pray for justice and love.

I don’t know why exactly I feel like posting this picture…but I just
love it and I feel like it…this is from Amy’s Sweet 16 last week…


In the flesh.

Ok basically these people complete me.


3 thoughts on “

  1. AHHHH LAUREN MY LOVE LOVFE LOVEEEE. THAT PIC IS ONE SEXY THANG! i love you more than sliced bread with ghetto slathered all over itt…. and holy sschnoodles i love ALL DAMN THREE OF THOSE PEOPLE IN THAT PICTURE… ahhhhh loveeeee youuuuu<333

  2. and uhmmmm a spring grass spill session is like MUCH needed tommorrow!!!! seriously, if it was ever needed… it is needed now. you complete me darling. and tommorrow we shall seroiusly talk for hours… about … everything?.. yes. everything. I LOVE YOU.. so soo soo much<3

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