Awww. Tear. It’s my last day…essentially…and I really wanted to
wake up early…ish…enough…to not be a bum. Oh well. But
actually…I suppose it’s good that I got alot of sleep…because I
won’t really be able to for a while…

Shit oh well.

So now begins the utter disappointment of Spring Break. I already had
too little time…and I was planning on spending all my time today
making up for all of it and getting in all I wanted to finish
doing……….But to my surprise…I woke up…walked through my
door…and saw none other than Melissa Kay standing on my stairwell
looking up at me. I seriously went WHAT THE FUCK. She just completely
randomly showed up at my house without telling me and was like oh hi!
Hahah. WTF. Now I know how Campbell feels. And it sucks. So then we
just sort of…blubbed around…cuz basically…I had no idea what she
was doing here or why she was here…..and I didn’t want to be rude or
anything…but I was sort of like…ummm…Melissa…what are you doing
here……and she was just like…oh my dad was in town so I felt like
visiting. “Visiting.” If only that’s what it was. Psh. I kept thinking
she would eventually go away or leave if I gave enough clues…but
no…she fully intended on spending the entire day with me because she
assumed I had nothing better to do. Um. Excuse me…I have a life. No
no it’s ok. I’m really being rather harsh…it turned out to be a
fairly fun day…just…not what I wanted…or when I wanted it. I
guess any other time wouldn’t have been that bad. At least the day
wasn’t a complete waste…actually….there were some AMAZINGGG times

Well so we met up with Emlyn after a while…after a while of Melissa
and I wandering around beastily and getting sufficient bubble tea. Then
the three of us had beasty times. Went to the library…got 3 copies of
Lysistrata…ohhhh ya. Good stuff good stuff. AMAZING PLAY. I’M sooooo
fucking excited.

Ok. Amazing time #1:

KILT MAN! Ok seriously. Coolest
man I’ve ever met. Sooooo amazing. KILT WEEK IS SAVED. So we’re walking
down the street towards Hoagie Haven…and all the sudden I see this
man on the other side of the street….full in clad in a classic KILT.
So…naturally…I can’t contain myself and I just SCREAM: YESSSSSSSSSS. UGGGGGHHHH. Being
my strange weird self just hoping to scare him off…and instead…we
meet him at the end of the street…and end up talking to each
other…for seriously….an hour…or more. Twas BRILLIANT. He’s an
AMAZING man. His name is John. He was with his brother. Named John.
He’s from Alaska. He was 24…and looking at Princeton to go there for
Graduate School as an Art Major. He formed Alaska’s first and only
Fraternity. And he was a BEAST. He reminded me alot of Richard. Very smart. And we got into a seriously
intellectual conversation…the whole hour we talked about Art…and
how it’s defined…etc etc. And of course Melissa was being a sketchy
little Melissa…and kept acting like she knew everything about art and
crap…and hahahaha the man actually said “You really shouldn’t ever
elevate yourself to thinking you’re superior to anyone” hahah. Ughhh.
So hot. But then Melissa berated him for having hickies on his neck.
Which was an AMAZING conversation…and he’s like “Well…when you get
older…and you get in the heat of the moment…biting is good” He said
he met up with an old high  school friend…ahaha. Wow. Oh and he
makes rabbit art. He was VERY cool. Best part…ever.

Me: So…why are you wearing a kilt?

John: “Because you never see a good kilt anymore. Because the world
needs kilts. Kilts are the best. I think if there were more kilts in
the world…the world would be a much better place. Kilts are just the
essence of goodness. And they’re damn sexy.”

Me: So do you normally wear kilts?

John: Oh yeah. All the time. I’m thinking about just forgetting about pants altogether. Go with kilts.

Me: Just because you can?

John: Just because I can.

Me: Amazing. You just made my kilt week. It’s kilt week this week you know. (Ok so I fudged the truth a little)

John: Ah yay! That makes me feel good about myself.  It was so
sad…I went to NYC and I was shocked. I was like…WHERE ARE ALL THE
KILTS? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO. It’s really a shame.

BRILLIANT MAN. BRILLIANT. He can be my God anytime. Oh and there was
something else he said that was amazing…I don’t remember anymore…..

Amazing time #2:

We stood in the like…little entrance way of CVS….and acted out
Lysistrata for the random people entering and leaving the
story…because…….that’s an awesome thing to do. YESS. UGH. So
amazing. So many people were scared.

Amazing time #3:

We went into this random church to try to “donate to them” which really
meant…we needed a letter saying we could get free bagels so that we
could steal some more from innocent restaurants in the town…(long
story)…and we walked in…and…firstly we’re creeped out after just
watching the Exorcism of Emily Rose…and plus I’m just confused why
we’re in the sketchy looking church…and of course I think there’s no
one in there…so we walk straight down the thing…and I’m just
completely mouthing off…cursing off to no end…and being like aaah I
hate Jesus What the fuck yo….and then we get up and stand at the
altar..and we hear a voice “Please get away from the holy altar”…and
we turn to the side and there’s the priest sitting in a chair praying
and staring at us…haha…the whole time. Quite quite bad. We
literally fled the premises.

Amazing time #4:

Aaah we were interviewed by these random PHS kids about religion and
they filmed it..and of course…Melissa went off on this amazing
tyrade…and Emlyn said some cool stuff…..and then I stood in the
middle and just sort of nodded and was like “Yup. I agree”…”Me too.”
Haha. Brilliant.

Amazing time #5:

UGH. I SAW THE FUCKING SLAMMAN. MANNN. In Panera. UGH. And we went over
and talked to them and sat with them for a while…man…that boy
really is hot. And now I finally found out what his name is. Carlo.
mmm. This is such a sexy relationship. So hot. Then Melissa (Junior
sketchy one) and Griffin showed up…who are apparently friends with
them…and I fled because it was a tad sketchy and awkward.

Amazing time #6:

The three of us sitting up in a tree in palmer square being sexy and
then like 4 different officers yelling at us to get off public
property. Hahaha. Good work. That’s actually how we found Emlyn. We’re
looking for her..she tells us she’s near Tereasea’s and then we turn
around and she’s sitting up in a tree. Hahaha. Good one Emlyn.

Amazing time #7:

Really really sketchy 7 year old that came up to us and was harassing us and inviting us over to her house. She was a beast.

Mmm. That’s all I remember. I don’t actually think we really went into
any store. I guess it was actually pretty amazing. But anyway…then
Melissa left because….she did. And we had only like an hour until the
show so we decided to just hang out till then…and so we went to
Hoagie Haven and then got more bubble tea. Haha woot. Then Bryan took
like 45 minutes getting there so we had to yell at him.

Then we went to Pippin at PHS. It was………..intense? The show
itself seemed potentially very interesting…but the production was
just so……soo…High school. So high school. It’s ok
though…because Niall was amazing.
Let me just say…I LOVE THAT BOY. Seriously. He was fantastic. He made
the show. He was the lead…not Pippin…but the sleek
sexy…narrator…type….lead…and UGH. So amazing. I was sooo proud
of him. Watching him grow up is one of the most amazing processes I’ve
ever seen. The fact that he’s gay sort of broke my heart…but it’s
alright…he’ll always be my Niall. Doug and Mary were there at the
show…which was quite adorable. And omg. Niall’s bio was AMAZING. All
normal and elegant…and then the very last line: And lastly, and most
importantly, I thank Brenden Lend for having such firm buns and thighs.
AAAH. Emlyn and I like died of laughter. Ohhh and the sex scene was so
brilliant. In the end…I’m very glad I went to see it…Niall is soo
going to Broadway. I’m so proud…And I’m glad I finally saw
Pippin…what kind of a theatre kid am I if I don’t even know Pippin?
So ya. Then at the end of the show I saw his mom and she gave me a
hug…and honestly…Niall and I have the strangest relationship ever.
I don’t want to get into it…but…ya.

OH. Omg. Like 2 minutes into the show there was this really soft sweet
song…and right in the middle of it…Emlyn’s phone goes off SOOO
loudly…and everyone was like WHAT THE FUCK. And she couldn’t find
it…so it just played the entire way through…it was sooo bad. Ah.
And then it was upsetting because we got there like 20 minutes early
but we didnt feel like going in so we sat outside and ate our
sandwiches…and when we were done…the doors were almost
closing…and it was completely filled….so we had to sit in the very
very last row way in the back. We just felt really dumb. Heh.

Hm. Then came home…and I don’t remember………seriously. Watched
the end of Return of the King with Bry and Friedman…aaaaaaaaah they
have an OBSCENE amount of credits for that movie. Hahaha. And then
Friedman sang us GOLD DAVIS. Yessss. And then Bryan and him got into
the SKETCHIEST ass fucking fight ever. It was so scary. And then we
just watched random stuff…haha the Girl Next Door…and then Quest
for Camelot…and I practically finished my journal. SOO close. Then
Emlyn and I did our GODO…cuz we’re sketchy like that.

Now I should SEIROUSLY go to bed. I’m soo screwed. I’m going to NYC
tomorrow…at like 8. And it’s 4:50. Crap. Mmmm. Oh ya and I got into a
fight with Amy and Jackie about that crap…grr. Don’t feel like
writing about it again. Whatever. People just suck. Suck.


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