This is basically the most absurdly long entry ever

It seems the impossible may be happening…that I may be running out of
time…my glorious solitude is running thin…everyone should be back
by tomorrow. Alas. This peace has been quite lovely.

I need to write. I need to write alot.

Some amazing facts about Spring Break to remember…

1. I have gone into Princeton every single day of Spring Break.

2. I have gotten Bubble Tea every single day of Spring Break. I’m
fairly certain that I have developed and unhealthy addiction to it. I
can’t help myself.

3. I wake up at 3…or later everyday…and go to bed at 4…or later
everyday. Not that this is unusual for me on break…just very goood.

Let’s see. Hm. I’ve already been on Spring Break for a week now. I don’t even know what I’ve done. Hmmm.

No idea what I did Thursday night. Oh ya! Amy and I went into town and then she came over and had dinner with us. Good stuff.

Friday, March 10- Oh. Oh. Baby.
Freaking amazing day. Ugh. Well I spent a while in the car waiting
around until they could take me to the mall…and then we randomly went
over and abducted Jmo at his house…which was really funny…and then
we went to Quaker Bridge…and um…Jackie, Christina and Lauren L were
there…and me and Jmo…but mostly Jmo and I hung out by ourselves
haha. I don’t really remember…but Jmo promised he would buy me
something…and then he bought a fake marriage liscence…and then
ended up giving it to Emlyn. I was rather hurt. Jmo found this awesome
Pimp Plaza poster…which he really should have gotten…and a
nightlight that was really mad ghetto. And haha we went to get food and
then we didn’t like it. Ok none of this makes sense…but it was funny
at the time. Basically Jmo and I had a good time. Oh and something at
the disney store.

Then me and Jmo went back to my house and frolicked…and then Emlyn
got home…and then we all went into town. Then this is where the story
gets really sexy. Oh boy. So I guess we just like…walked around for a
while…I don’t really know…it must have been like…3 or 4…I
remember standing by some pillar talking for a while…and then in our
walking we passed by the park that Kerr and Campbell and Amy were at a
while ago…and so we went in and played on that for like an hour. Haha
it was so much fun. And we played music and chucked our shoes over the
fence on the swings. As I said, it doesn’t make any sense…but it was
amazing. Then all of the sudden this ghetto old man came out of the
house that RUFUS lives in…and was like “Whatchu doin people?? This be
an little kid park…why you be playin on it??? There’s a big people
ADULT playground over there…GO!” And we’re like wtf. So we followed
his directions down the SKETCHIEST part of Princeton I’ve ever
seen…it was sooo ghetto…and we all seriously thought we were gonna
be kidnapped or raped or beaten…and that his directions were
completely wrong…I have no idea why we actually went…it was funny
but soo scary. Haaha. And then finally…out of no where…there was
this freakin playground! We were amazed. It was all like mexican ghetto
though. It was awesome though. And it had a freakin bamboo grove…and
just allover sketchiness. Lovely. So after a while we climbed on the
jungle gym thing…the part that you swing on…and like layed down
ontop of it…which was soo ghetto fabulous. We looked so sketchy. So
then we just layed on Jeremy and sat there like 20 feet in the air for
a while. And then…haha they were swinging upside down and I grabbed
Jmo’s wallet and accidentally like flung it into the woods hahahaah.
And then…well it was funny. Then Bowman called me and asked if I
wanted to “Fiesta” (Ya. Exactly what you think)…and I was like what
the hell sure….and he was in
Princeton so we werej ust ognna meet up with him…and then my phone
died. Blub. So that was bad. So then we just had no idea where connor
was…so we just wandered around for a while. Trying hard to be really
sketchy. And I really desperately wanted to get together with the crew
sexpots before they left for Tennessee…but the sillyfaces were being
retarded. So I sort of gave up on that….and then I got my phone to
turn on…but then Connor’s was off…so we were just like eh…and
sort of wandered around…hoping we might see him…and about to go
home…and then we got the brilliant urge to make some money on the
street…ghetto-ly…so we put a bucket in front of us…stood on the
corner of Palmer Square…and all three sung Row Row Row Your Boat in a
canon…it was BLOODY AMAZING. Because within 30 seconds we had TWO
people give us money…we made a dollar and a cent…IT WAS AMAZING.
And so as we’re singing and dancing…all the sudden we see Connor
Bowman strutting down the street in his big leather jacket. Hahahaha.
It was amazing. And he’s just like…wtf are you guys doing. Ohhh dear.
Good times. It was hot because we just happened to run into each
other…he had walked in from Nassau! Swim club. Ya. Freak. So he had
his friends Tim and Tony with him…and it was sooo funny. Because Tim
is the infamous “significant other” of Allegra that she “had sex in a
cornfield with”…and Allegra loves to make these things all
impressive…and not only was Tim like…lanky and sort of ugly…but
really really dumb…and…Allegra was supposed to come…ahahaha. To
this “Fiesta”…which was really funny and awkward for us…cuz we were
like uhhh….Allegra? And Tim’s like oh ya, you know her? And we’re
like uhhh. Ya. We know her. And then we asked Tim if he liked
Allegra…and he’s like ya whatever, I don’t know…I don’t really
care. Hahahahahaha. Amusing. What was even funnier was that she ended
up not coming and Tim’s like “Ya…she always backs out, I don’t
know…I think she’s too afraid.” haahaaha. Ok I’ll shut up now. And
then it was sooo sketchy. We went into Iano’s and the three of them got
pizza and Emlyn and Jmo and I just like sat there. And then Connor
pulls out these water bottles from his pants hahaha and Emlyn’s like
ooo cool. And Tim’s like. Um. That’s not water. Ok that’s the end of my
storytelling…because I’m almost positive that my mom reads this. So
anyway. It was an AMAZING night. Mostly because of where Connor took
us. MWAHAH. Seriously. Ok. He leads us down this INCREDIBLY sketchy
dark back alley…and down down into this other sketchy off shoot…and
then there’s this sketchy looking little wooden door…and you open it
up and it leads into the SKETCHIEST place I think I’ve ever seen. It’s
like in between two buildings and it’s like a foot and a half
wide…and extends like 30 feet in…and you have to realize also, that
it’s nighttime now…so it’s like PITCHBLACK down there…and you can’t
see anything….and we’re all like wtf. And then I don’t remember…but
I remember Jmo and Emlyn were like up against the wall…haha….YESS.
And then Connor was being sketchy and tried to kiss me and I turned my
face away and then tried to kiss me again and he just got like the side
of my mouth cheek…haha twas funny. The boy was so dead. I had to like
carry him around. AH! NO. I remember something else. Before we went in
there…we were all sitting on the benches in the druggie part of
Palmer Square…and Jmo and Emlyn went into the Kiosk…so I’m alone
out there with Connor and all these sketchy druggies…and Connor’s
like oh shit. I owe that man some pot or something like that…and that
man’s been trying to find me…and then this big black man comes over
and is like being all sketchy and threatening and I was scared so much
and Connor was threatening to stab him and the man was like talking to
me and I was like aaah save me. I guess you had to be there. It was
scary. So then I fled into the Kiosk. And um. Ya. Beastiness. So then
we had to go home because we were like an hour late and Richard was
coming home…so we all walked home being like RAJEA NFEA. Haahahait
was soo funny amazing. Jeremy was really cute too. I’m so glad Jeremy
was there…cuz he was so cute. So ya. Um. We finally got home like
waaay late…and ran in and brushed our teeth like madmen. And then we
sat around listening to beasty music and reminscing and being sad that
Jmo was leaving the next morning. And then I was trying desperately to
get them to kiss so I kept leaving the room…and then finally…just
when he had to leave…I was playing…”Relax, Don’t Do It” which we
had been singing all day…and I left the room…and I could just tell.
Oh baby I just knew. Hell ya. So then Jmo had to go home…and yes. Jeremy and Emlyn kissed.

That’s pretty damn squee worthy! So we had to go sit through
dinner with our wholeee family and we were just soo out of it and so
bouncy and making no sense. It was really quite funny.

So ya. That was basically a kick fucking ass day. I’m sure we watched
some movie that night…but I don’t remember what it was. I know I
slept in Emlyn’s room that night. And I know that I never got to say
goodbye to…him…

Saturday, March 11- Mmm. So.
The next morning I didn’t end up going to ballet cuz I was just like a
blob…and I guess I slept in…then I really have no recollection of
what I did. I probably won’t remember half of this week…so. Ya. I’m
sure I called Jmo for like an hour. Boy do I miss him. Then Saturday
night was just about ughhh the greatest thing ever. Probably greater than Friday night.

Sunday, March 12- Sunday…sunday…aah
yes. I remember now. The lovely day that I spent alll day in bed
watching old classic movies in my pajamas. Oh how wonderful. Emlyn
watched them with me I recall. I slept in till like 3 and then watched
Star Wars and Gigi ❤ <3…and Um. Then I really don’t remember
the rest. Some dinner…and then. Ya. Don’t remember. Ohh. I think this
might have been the night that I stayed up and watched Howl’s Moving
Castle with Bryan. Miyazaki’s new film. Um. Can we just say: AMAZING.

Ya. Ya. Pretty fucking kick ass. Miyazaki keeps getting more and more
demented. I love it though. This one pretty much made no sense…and
was basically like..We’re too badass to make any sense let’s just put
together a whole bunch of stuff that really kicks ass. Oh boy. Amazing.
I really really loved it. Not as much as others I guess…but it was
still awesome. Howl is SEXY.

So I guess that was a good day. There must have been a good amount of Katamari too.

Monday, March 13- Ok. I’m
sorry. But I don’t remember Monday. OH NO WAIT! This must have been the
day I went into Princeton with the girls…well Lauren L and Sam and
Christina invited me into Princeton..but I slept in and didn’t make it
there until like 3…and everyone had left except for Christina…so
then Christina and I randomly walked around for a bit…went into the
library and went to the very top and sat on the awesome patio outside
and looked over princeton and talked. It was very cute. Then Emlyn
randomly came…and we talked some more…told her my amazing
story….then we walked around some more…I got my Bubble tea. Of
course. And then we went to Panera………and we’re sitting
there…and I start telling her about the sketchy blackman that was
getting in a fight with Connor…and then all of the sudden….HE WALKS
BY…and I’m like “And oh, there he is…” haha it was amazing. And I
only talked to the man a little like in complete darkness on friday
night…but somehow he remembered me…and is like HEY and comes over
and gives the ghetto handshake to like all of us…and starts talking
to us…and we’re all like…um. hi. uh. ok….and then randomly is
leaving and coming back..and then is like…can i sit down? and sits
down next to christina in our booth…so christina’s like trapped
in…and he literally sat there for an hour…talking to us about the
most random sketchy stuff…and he works at like shoprite or
something..and it was pretty intense…and then…in the middle of
panera…he pulls out this hugeee bong-like-thing…and starts messing
with it…and using some sketchy sketchy drug…and does this for like
20 minutes and was being sketchy and paranoid and looking around…and
im like wtf. it was so creepy. and then after a while he gets up to go
somewhere and leaves his drugs like open on the table…and the three
of us got up and FLED panera…hahaha…and he saw us as we were
leaving and was gonna like chase us down and hurt us…cuz we knew that
he had his drugs there and then we just fled…so we just like sprinted
down nassau street for a while. ugh. then we went to tiger noodles to
get my bubble tea…and the sketchy chinese man was like assaulting
emlyn and i about how we looked like models…and then the ENTIRE
restaurant was staring at us and pointing and talking about how we were
so tall…it was sooo sketchy. so then we basically fled home. then
christina hung out for a while…and jason came…and we were gonna go
a movie…but then jason and christina randomly had dinner with our
whole family…and they got along really well…so they just hung
around for a whlie and played guitar hero. mmmm good stuff. then i dont
know what happened that night. dont remember.

Wow. There is SO much to write.

Tuesday, March 14- YAY. This
was such a lovely day. Lovely lovely. I know it’s silly and geeky and
quirky and nerdy…but I spent the whole day…at the
library……..reading? Librarying. Twas actually quite cute. It felt
liberating being there. I merely felt like myself…unmasked and
free…not that I deny and part of myself or being an
intellectual…but I simply felt…at home…with a different aspect of
myself…finally…artistically and intellectually liberated. So I put
on a long scarf and a cardigan and shifted through shelves and shelves
of books on…poetry, philosophy, drama…and everything. So I found a
huge comfy chair in the non-fiction section and huddled myself in
around a mass of books littering the ground the encompassing me…I
think I had like 27. They were mostly philosophy I suppose. And I just
read and watched until the sunset. And as I read, I discovered alot of
different answers to alot of diffrent questions…and in doing
so…discovered that I don’t much care for the idea of answers…they
seem to confine the imagination…bind the universe and constricts the
mind…whereas questions provide a cast array of
outlets…possibilities…and mildly egotistical contemplations.
reading the philosophy books were rather humbling. However, they did
not release onto my mind a wide variety of confusing concepts I could
not understand…Yet on the
contrary…untapping a whole lot of things that I could
understand…things that I had always pondered about…yet had never
really fathomed…and delved into a vast
array of things that I knew…but couldn’t conceptualize. Just the
realization of an entire world of thinkers that were unfamiliar to me.


Then that night I watched Breakfast At Tiffany’s….oooh boy. What a
classic. I adore it. Seriously…Audrey Hepburn is my idol. Much

Wednesday, March 15- No
recollection of what happened this day. Seriously none. I know that Sam
came over that night and slept over…and it was really quite fun. Umm.
We hung out and listened to music while I worked on my collage for a
bit…and Emlyn was a WHORE and called all these people…like WELLY.
And Zareen. And scared them to death. So I called Evan. But he didn’t
pick up. Hmph. then we spent like 4 hours watching ALLL of Emlyn and
I’s old movies. Old old. It was amazinggg. Vaguely embarassing…but
aamzing. And so much fun. Emlyn and I got quite the kick out of it. I
think Sam was a tad confused. And thennnn…Sam and I went into my back
ghetto secret hiding place in my room…which I seriously don’t think I
had been in at least a year. Dead serious. It was awesome…because I
totally rediscovered it…it’s a shame I haven’t been in there more
often…I think I’ll take out the dresser that covers it…because that
place just kicks ass. And we talked…for a while…about alot of
things…and it was good. And then we came down and I don’t know..tried
to find a movie for ages…ended up watching Anchorman and Sam falling
asleep like 2 minutes in. So then I just read my sketchy book. Yay.

Thursday, March 16- Sam was here till like 3…I don’t remember what we did. Then I sort of sat around some…Then.

I went to the park for a bit…and read poetry up in a tree for a
while…which was really quite cute. Just so poetic, sweet…and
peaceful. Then I sat on a parkbench and wrote poetry. Twas really quite
a lovely day. I live for moments like that. And I could so see myself
doing that for the rest of my life. Sigh. Makes everything seem so
beautiful. The park was abandoned too…and the trees were
barren…except the sun was shining beautifully…so it was quite an
interesting picture.

I don’t remember anything after that. Sorry. We probably went shopping
at Target. Fun. Ohh. We watched Pride And Prejudice. Good stuff. Even
though for some reason I’ve been not wanting to watch it….it was
indeed sexy. Quite lovely romantic. So I approve. Then later that night
I watched Dodgeball and then Princess Bride. Ahhh classic. So pleasing.


YESSSSSS. This sketchy man Dave is SOO sketchy.


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