UGH. Another KICK FUCKING ASS night. Market Fair = Teenage lovin.

Seriously. Life is amazing hahaha. How the FUCK did we meet up with all
those people again? It’s destiny…or just….unbelievably sad lives.
It was a reunion of the beautiful friday night.

Wow. Um.

So I guess….um…it was seriously the most ABSURD group of people I
could think of…let’s think…I remember there were 11….me, jackie,
emlyn, amy, kristin, jess, christina, lauren l…and then bob, furlong,
and connor bowman……random, eh? Ya. I thought so too. It turned out
really well though…it was such a big group…that we just sort of
spaced out into a bunch of different people….it was cool though.

Alirght I fucking hate my mom. I guess I won’t be able to
write…again. I’m soooo behind. Ugh. Whatever. Goodnight. I guess. I
don’t know. I’ll write later.

-Maris! Randomly…showing up…..again. WTF?
-BORIS! Randomly…showing up…
-Catherine and Ashley being there again randomly
-Bob’s amazing cake
-Emlyn’s OBSCENE comment
-Furlong’s pictures and cookie and milk
-Hotttt sex books
-Randomly sittingi n the middle of market fair
-Connor’s kick ass piggy back ride
-Sketchyyyyy black man that was like recording our ocnversation
-Killing TGIF
-Mars…just….so hot.
-Hahaha Mars said Melissa was insane
-Mars randomly laughing for like 10 minutes straight.

kiktheflip: if kerr stopped being my friend for no reason i would be like ok watever and just live life like it always had been

This man makes my life worth living.

This picture makes me smile. So much.

I know I look sketchy…but Mark looks so adorable. We look so happy.

mkuor08: i hate you
mkuor08: you took everything that was good and sacred at matren inc and gave it to mark


2 thoughts on “

  1. by far the SEXIEST picture i have ever seen. you and mark are like on FIRE with hotness!! woot! what beasts! ahh so anyways… you rock. i love you. end of story. mwhahah. see you tommorrow sex pot. <33
    your panic! shirt seriously made my DAY. and the belt was like SEX… IN .. A BELT!? yes. ahh you rock<3

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