Hm. The month of obscenity has begun at full force. Let’s start with friday…AKA….one of the most amazing days ever.

Ummm…I don’t really remember the day…or…care anymore…except I
remember last period because Jackie and I just sat outside and ate
fries and then and went and devised a clever plan to thwart
campbell…uhhh it was funny. We wrote notes in his locker. I think we
got in a pudding fight…maybe it was another day…and uhh…classes
sucked. The rest of the day was…whatever..except ooo I remember I
made Mrs. Davis laugh in math class…which was intense. Dingers!

Then I was totally planning on going home and getting ready…but I was
dumb enough to go to rehearsal…and then…considering I hadn’t been
in forever…I didn’t really know how to just leave…so I figured I’d
slip out once Act 1 finished…because I was seriously jsut sitting
there…they don’t need me at all…but it turns out Act 1 is like 2
hours long. Whatever. I finally got to see it. It’s
uhhh….interesting………a…work in progress….uhhh. ya.

So then I got home at 5 and Emlyn and I scurried to get ready and get
to Lauren’s…it was intense……..then we got there…and
uhhh….scurried around getting ready. AAAH. ahahaha. it was sooo
funny. Emlyn and I duct taped our boobs…and for some reasonl ike ALLL
of Lauren’s family had come to see her and Alex told the entire family
that I was duct taping my boobs cuz I didn’t want to wear a bra…and
so when I came down they were all like staring at my chest…it was
sooo awkward. Then there was like 40 minutes of picture
taking…umm…who needs that many pictures?

So then we got in our intense white stretch limo.
Which was soooooooooo much fun. Even more fun than thought. It was me,
jmo, emlyn, kristin, lauren, sam and jess in the limo…and ughh it was
soo hot. They had changing lights on the ceiling and like tvs and
ghettofied leather. 2nd white stretch limo in 5 days. Creepy, no?
Ummm…..the best part was by far the drinking….ahahahahaa. They just
had water…and we were filling up the alchohol containers….and all
passing them around. I drank like 4 of these HUGE obscene
flasks…erlynmeyer flasks fo sho. And we rocked out so hard to intense
music. It was cute because I was totally not looking forward to
cotillion or anything and then all the sudden I got to go and rock out.
Pimpin. Hmm…that made sense…in…my head…..

So got there and it was soooo UGHLISCIOUS. We got there like right at 8
and so there weren’t that many people….and Jmo and I were the first
dancers on the floor at cotillion. Heck yaaa. We just got on and
started dancing…and everyone was a little scared. Ok. Hands down the
best part was the fucking MIMES.
Yes. They had these oldschool drugged 80 year old mimes there. Soooo
amazing. And Jeremy and Emlyn and I went up to them and started dancing
with them…it was so beautiful. I loved them.

dolphinboi1334: i want greasy mime sex
dolphinboi1334: right now

Hear hear.

Ummmmm….and then we started violently harassing the mimes and beating
their balloons…it was beautiful. Then I ate a fuckload of food.
Ugggh. But there was like no one else there I knew…and we were like
the only ones dancing…and the rest of the hun people didnt get there
for like 45 minutes…so we just partied it up. It was strange…once
everyone else got there…alot of people were being really
strange…but it’s ok…I didn’t really care…I just beasted it with

Ok. So once everyone got tehre…….it was basically a hazy mirage of
like 3 and a half hours of obscene dancing. So uhhh…lemmie see if I
can remember the finer points of the night:

Mark getting a fucking breathalizer test!
AHAAHHA. Soooo amazing. Him and Furlong went outside cuz it was hot and
the cops dragged them away…gave them the pen thingy, a lie detector
test…and then gave Mark a breathalizer test….aaaaahaahhaha. It was
the most amazing thing ever. Poor Marky.
-THE SCARY SCARY kids that were like ass fucking each other in the middle of the dance floor…they were terrifying….
-Telling off the Mimes! ugggh. I started yelling at them that they were
posers…cuz seirously…they were the worst mimes I’ve ever
-Ugh. Me and Mark literally having sex on the dance floor. My god. It
was so amazing. Cuz there were all these really sketchy public school
kids like literally orgasming all over the floor and Mark and I were
like wtf….so we tried to make fun of them…and it was basically just
Mark and I standing in the middle of the floor moaning and fucking each
other violently…it was hilarious. We scared sooo many people. We did
it like 14 times too. And one time we were banging each other so hard
that I totally like whammed his crotch. Sorry bud. Mark is the best sex
partner ever.
-Jeremy is the best date ever.
-Oh it was totally at the same place as Sara’s Bat Mitzah….which was….hot.
-TRYING TO FIND MEN. Ugh. Ok so we all made a quota to dance with at
least 5 random guys and hook up with at least one. Hmph. Didn’t work.
Emlyn and I were like determined though. We pushed ourselves through
the crowd like 8 times…trying to find lonely men…but we didnt
factor in the fact that everyone came with a date…so everyone was
either taken…or really ugly. It was so sad. I think I danced with
like 4 random guys though. Just didn’t quite win.
-Oh man! I danced with some random black man. Yesssss.
-AAAAH. Bumping into Ned. Mmmmm. Hottest man ever.
-Eventually I got so desperate that I just started caressing random
guys and they’d turn around and I’d just be like uhhh…it was so
-Ak! I saw so many random people I used to know…and it was intense. Like Laura McNeill….eeek.
-Hahahaah Rob’s scary comment to Alix…that was uhhh….obscene.
-The gay men picking up Jmo! O MAN. It was AMAZING. Emlyn and I finally
found two open men…and we went up to them and were like Hey what
school do you go to? And they go What school do you
go to? (Indicating Jeremy)…and they were totallllly interested in
Jeremy and not in Emlyn and I at all. It was the most amazing thing
I’ve ever witnessed.
-Emlyn and Jeremy dancing like allllll night. *Squeals*…yessssssss. I soooo want them together. Now.
– Uhhhh…Christina is officially a whore. She was like raping Bowman.
And then like at the end of the night she was like having sex with
Furlong and they were like moaning and sweating…it was uhh scary.
-Furlong is a beasty grinder.
-Me being a whore. Naturally…what else do you expect?
-AAAH! OMG!!!!! ROB LIKE. OMG. OK. This is the weirdest story ever. And
it doesn’t really make sense…at all…but…I don’t know how to
describe it…but……for the past 4 months Rob and I have totally
ignored each other…and randomly during some song…he was
like……………..edging? closer? to me….i dont know…like to try
dance with me….and I was like uhh…I don’t know. I really can’t put
it into words. And I think the song was “Don’t Phunk With My
Heart”….and there’s this one part where they say “I’m still in love
with you”…and Rob flat out turns to me…and like screams in my face
“I’m still in love with you”………….and I was like what. the.
fuck. I pretended to be getting a drink and fled. Fleeing is always a
good thing when it comes to Rob. The boy is unstable. I have something
really really sad to admit………..*blushes*….I don’t know. But…I
really do miss the boy. Huff.
-I can’t remember anything else…
-Ok…………………hands down the most obscene part of the night…at least in my mind……..was………

Rob and Cat making out on the dance floor.

Completely randomly. I was like wtf. They were
dancing…..and randomly started making out…for a long time……and
then kept randomly doing it…all night…It was actually quite
fascinating…I just stood there and stared. I have no idea what
happened…but it was actually sort of cute…Sketchy though.

So I was like wtf! Just happened! And everyone was like ya….rob and
cat are making out…cool……and totally didn’t think it was weird at
all…but I was like spasming. At the time I was just like whoa. Man.
That’s…cool. But the thing that’s tearing me apart….is that that
image keep plaguing my mind…and I…….dont….I can’t…get
it…out of my head. I don’t know why…but I’m feeling a resurgance
of…I don’t know. It’s not jealousy…But I’m starting to deeply
regret…everything. Keep thinking that that could be me…and keep
wondering what it was that made me….Ugh. I hurt him so much. I hurt
everything. I just can’t stop thinking about it. His heart will always
beat within mine. I just wish I could break free of him. No. I wish I
could be with him. Again. Just feel myself in his arms again…maybe
just as friends. I can’t live without him in my life any longer. And I
can’t live with her in his arms. My arms.

I should seriously be slapped.

The night ended with me finally getting to dance with Connor
Bowman…and finally getting to be obscenely dirty…and ohhh man do I
love dancing with that boy. And we did the rope pulling thing….only
once I got to him he like lifted me up onto his hips all Notebooky and
it was totally hot. Best one yet. He was quite the fantastic final

So I left feeling……………..nice. Everyone sort of stumbled out sort of hazily and exhausted but satisfied.

I was going to go to Lauren’s…but the mother was being a whore and I
was tired anyway…so Emlyn and I came home…and talked about how she
desperately needs to rape Jmo. We broke into some bacardi and had a
worthless after party. Then went to bed at like 3.

Man. There were so many people ferociously making out on the dance
floor. I loved just standing there and watching them…creepy I
know…but it was fascinating…and my heart kept swelling with
anticipation…wishing I could…with…him…but…I doubt he’d ever
even be sensual. He really won’t be what I want. What I need.

The hormones were eminating for miles around that room. They were
bubbling over the edges of the walls and seeping into the cracks. It
was so amazing. Teenagers are amazing.

So I guess that was cotillion. Wooot. Let’s see……there’s lots of
sexy pictures…but they’re like all of the limo…and I only have Jmo’s right now…once I get everyone
else’s up I’ll put them too…but for now…I’ll put my favorites up of
Jmo’s camera:

This is Jmo’s mypscae pic…I don’t love it…I look like I’m on opium…but it’s still cute

Ak! My hair looks so red. I love Emlyn in the background

Wooooo Limo. Sexy.

Woot. Sexy group in front of the limo. Sooo hot.

Opium infused lights in the limo. Ooooh what now?

No way. Lauren found the tub. My favorite picture ever. Ughliscious.

Uhhh…The girls being really really hot.

Whoa ho ho. I need a leash.

Yay! I love this man. Wooot.

Ugh. Beasiest picture ever. I actually like it sideways best.

The look of love. Yessss.

They’re on crack. Hahaah.

I adore my flask. Fuckliscious.

It’s not healthy to be that cool.

That is the greatest picture I’ve ever seen. How the fuck is the top of it like glowing?

Ah yes. This was once I had my legs all over Jeremy and we were rocking out to hot music.


I like that.

Drinking. Duh.

Now Emlyn and Lauren are exhausted.

Wow. That was a fuck of alot of pictures…sorry about that….Uhh…I lost track…anyway…uhhh….

I wasn’t all that excited about cotillion…I didn’t even have a
dress…so it was good that everything ended up being beasty.
Fuckliscious if you ask me. Lots of horny people. And there was little
to no drama…alot of random things…but most drama was squashed by
loud noises and grinding of hips. So. Beautiful teenage night doused in
blaring lights.

Emlyn and Jeremy neeeeeed to get together. *Wishes hard*

Uhhh….Nothing really happened today…I was so exhausted…that my
mom literally couldn’t get me out of bed to go to ballet this
morning…I didn’tg et like any sleep all week…and when I woke up my
muscles didn;t work…from so much dancing..and I had no voice..from so
much screaming…so she let me just
sleep…and then I slept in till like 3…ooo nice.

So then I got
up…wandered around…watched some crap TV…and uhh…made plans to
go the Market Fair..and then I was really pissed cuz at 5:30 when I was
supposed to go…Bryan refused to take me…and we got in afight and I
was pissed. It was really gay. Long story. Don’t feel like getting into
it…but christina randomly came over..and then left…and so then
Emlyn and Bryan and I randomly watched the absolute most worthless
thing ever…which was like a reality show on the Dallas
Cheerleaders…it was so obscene.

AH! And OMG! Both Bowman and Dan imed me drunk….it was sooo funny. Dan was being soooo scary.

Daniel says:
so you me and a tiger?
Daniel says:
how bout it
Daniel says:
and a walrus
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
I’m hot!!!

It was on MSN so it’s weird. But it was sooo funny. I’m like…I’m your fucking sister!

Ah and then Emlyn and I made a cake and I seriously ate like 2 pounds of cake batter. I’m not kidding. At all.

Then finally I went to Market Fair at
9…and OMG. It was the greatest thing ever. I was only there for like
an hour and half…but it seriously. Was. The greatest tihng I’ve ever

Jackie, Jmo, Amy, Kristin, Christina, Me and Emlyn were there….and
Barnes and Noble was the only thing open…so first….we found a book
entitled: The Look of Love. UGGGH!!! That’s so amazing. Then we went to
the sex section…duh….and loudly read through the amazing books. I
love them. And then we went to the normal fiction section…and like sitting in the middle of the books is: Sex In the Hood.
Not. Joking. Greatest. Book. Ever. Written. Seriously. I was reading
it…and like spasming from how amazing it was. We were like all dying.

Top 10 Reasons Why Sex In The Hood Is The Greatest Book Ever Written:

1. Ghetto porn novel. What else needs to be said? It’s like a black untamed. O fucking baby.
2. When you read it aloud in Barnes and Noble…you’re bound to scare a decent amount of people…or attract a large crowd
3. It’s written by White Chocolate. You can’t get much more ghetto
fabulous and incredible writing skills as him. He writes in ghetto
talk. Pimp that.
4. They say UGH in it.
5. The sentance: Sex is pure opium. Is in it. What more do you want?
The high quality metaphors such as: The head of his penis was as smooth
and shiney as Darth Vader’s helmet. That’s fucking brilliant.
7. Triple Massa Duke.
8. He named his penis Timbo. When we read that we were all seriously convulsing in a fit on the floor. I’m not joking.
9. Conversely…the girl named her vagina Celeste…not as good as Timbo..but close.
That’s the epitome of brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t even
get the words out I was laughing so hard.

We bought it…duh. So I now officially own 2 porn novels. Ohhhh what
now. Ya. Sex In the Hood definately kicks Untamed ass. Psh. But buying
it was amazing….jackie spent the money but I have to keep it…and I
had to put it on the counter…the lady was like wtf. What is
that….3rd porn book I’ve bought this year? Kaching.

I haven’t changed my myspace name in like 5 months…but I just had to
change it to Celeste…because it’s absolutely brilliant. So
I…….did. Jmo’s Timbo now too. Ohhh amazing.

dolphinboi1334: always remember…..celeste is the best forget the rest


Ohhh my. What a night. So we came home and watched SNL. And now it’s
quite literally 4 in the morning…but uhhh I have no idea what I’ve
done for the past 3 hours. I better get to sleep…I’m gonna get like 2
hours. Tomorrow we’re going into the city…for Cheryl’s 50th
birthday…I thought we were going to be gone all weekend…but turns
out I was wrong…and good thing too…otherwise I would never have
been able to share the beauty of Sex In the Hood.

So many things must be smothered. I will define happiness with my ability to mask. As long as I keep walking…

I guess I’ll end this fucking OBSCENELY long entry with a hot
song…It’s so right for me and him. *Sigh* What to do with that boy. I
just want to be with him. I have hope. I have dreams…but I’m
clutching fast to the reality…so as not to be swept under the tide of
idealization. The boy will drown me otherwise. So here I am. Still.
Still standing here. And I will stand here…until the end of reality.

You are the dark ocean bottom

And I am the fast sinking anchor

Should I fall for you?

You are the scar on my tissue

That I show all of my new friends

Should I show you me?

All we need is a little bit of momentum

Breakdown these walls that we’ve built around ourselves

All we need is a little bit of inertia

Breakdown and tell breakdown and tell

That you are the rain on the fire

Deep in the trees when no one was looking

Should I speak of this?

You are a mirage in the distance

That defies the heat of the desert

Should I believe in you?

These rules are made to break and these walls are built to fall

These rules are made to break us all

-The Hush Sound-

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