WARNING: This entry is sketchy beyond belief.

“Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?” ~Ernest Gaines

Hmph. Go gay people. I’m so tempted to become a lesbian right
now…Guys suck ass. And I’m afraid…I’m totally not sexually appealed
to them after all of this. Too much of a good thing is never…good.
That makes…sense?

Except for Jeremy…Totally aroused by Jeremy:

dolphinboi1334: lenny is the little guy that sits on your shoulder and
takes pictures of everything you do and shows them to everybody and his
goal is to get everybody to stop masturbating

but we must defeat lenny

Ok I’m seriously in the strangest mood…and I feel like making a…erm…I don’t know…I just feel like posting random things.

AnInnocentBanjo: i feel like you’re my girlfriend.
mkuor08: we’re the best couple ever.

Life changing events always bring out the truth in everyone. And
everyone turned out to be incredibly helpful and
compassionate…or…most people. Ok. So this is my analysis of some of
the men that helped me last week…and a reflection of their
personalities…using their words…duh.

kiktheflip: a shit i put the feebreze hand on my face now i smell good
kiktheflip: damnit
kiktheflip: anyway ya u should have like went ape shit on his ass

Mark was just amazing…by cheering me up. He’s like…my prostitute.

EgotistklManiac: if u dont want people knowing, its probably best to try and ignore it
EgotistklManiac: but if u are gunna feel uncomfomfotable in school whenever kerrs around, u have the right to have him kicked out
EgotistklManiac: but u have to realize that if u do, its gonna bring alot of attention brought to u

Ok seriously. Furlong was the most help of like anyone on the planet.
He gave me like the best advice and was soooo nice. It was incredible.
I’d never seen that side of him. He was amazing.

WellUMissed1229: what id really wanna do tho is shoot u in the head
WellUMissed1229: that would be flat out fun

Campbell was basically an ass and made my life about 5 times worse.

dolphinboi1334: im here

Jeremy made everything better.

Allergik2Life: …i know all about your handcuffs

Adam is an ass.

Big MOoSe 111288: i think u should fuck kerr

This man should be forcibly beaten.

Runwithscissorz6: STP

That’s really all I need to say. Bob was completely incredible and
sensitive and engaged and caring. STP forever. Heh. I know it’s gay to
have made one of those gay “clique names” with him…but he really was
so sweet.

monkeyfire123: what just happend a bonch of righting just popt up

Tucker was of course…a beast.

OMG! How could I forget Kerr himself!

mmalex21: i’m sorry it was my bad
mmalex21: i miss under stood u and i apoligize
mmalex21: i’m sorry
mmalex21: i really am sorry and ii understand if u don’t want to be my friend
mmalex21: i am sorry and never meant this

Ya right bitch. Go suck it. I never responded. After that…he never
tried to contact me…and I really don’t feel like forgiving
him…Sorry doesn’t mean that much to me these days. You only said that because you realized what you did was illegal and you could get kicked out of Hun. And cuz Furlong and Camps had just smacked you upside the head. So whatever. Fuck you.

mkuor08: i’ll get him kicked out of life
mkuor08: (crossbow)

Mat makes the world go round.

Lightningduck: love lvoe love love love

I love Lucy Obus. She’s not a man…but I love her still.

emomusic4jax: i dont know how to 3 way

Jackie’s just the best.

PesmsticPacifist: beat him

Why I talk to Emlyn online when she’s literally 12 feet away is beyond me…

On the subject of Campbell and his fate:

summerluvin55: i cant believe he did that. if he cant shut his mouth about something that serious then he will never be able to
summerluvin55: he doesnt even get a tombstone.hes gonna get fucking washed up by the rain outside

I love Alix. She was such a beast.

italianlver45: laur i dont no what to say…i just cant believe it happened

Ok I know this is strange and awful…But I’ve just totally come to
terms with Allegra…and even made up with her…and she turned out to
be a whole lot of support. Eh.

italianlver45: u can always confide in me lauren and if you need help please tell me so i can help you in anyway that you need

Somehow…I actually believe that….

italianlver45: i think you should be a lesbian

I agree.


What would I do without my sketchy stalkers?

mcfit7070: and i envy your costume
mcfit7070: i sish i had that
mcfit7070: imaginge the sex you can have in it
mcfit7070: uggggh
mcfit7070: you are such an emo tropical peppermint
mcfit7070: its intense

Fe is just the greatest man alive.

I guess it turns out there are some good people left in this world. Some.

Ok so that was just about the sketchiest waste of time I’ve
ever…done. It’s a lovely….Hall…of…Fame…for sketchy…people.
Wow. I can’t believe I just did that. Please don’t think I’m
insane…although I’m pretty sure I am.

I’m in such a strange mood…so I feel like posting beasty pictures
from Saturday night…they’re like unbelievably adorable. Taking
pictures in the snow is like the best thing I’ve ever heard of.
Seriously. This night was beautiful. ❤

Cutest picture I’ve ever seen. I love these girls….so much.

Snow = Magically delicious.
Emlyn = Sexpot.

Best couple. Ever. Created.


I ship Jmo Emlyn

Hear hear.

Aw. Jackie is quite possibly the worst fake sleeper I’ve ever seen in my life.

These are all from Jmo’s webshots…I’ll get them on mine soon enough…


6 thoughts on “

  1. OMG! OTP!!!!! Jmo/Emlyn forever!!!!!!Dude. Seriously. I’m coming to kick his ass. I’m going to walk up to him and introduce myself and pull out my crossbow and BAM! Right through the neck!Don’t even know this kid…

  2. hahahahaha I KNOW RIGHT? dude. that sounds SOOO good. like seriously. crossbows will rule the world. i can see it now. Mat: Hello. I’m Mat…princess of Ghana. *Shoots…kills**Laughs maniacally**Walks away*

  3. “You only said that because you realized what you did was illegal and you could get kicked out of Hun. And cuz Furlong and Camps had just smacked you upside the head.”*cheers*But I’m still bringing my crossbow. Round up the posse and go vigilante on his ass.Ghanaian Pride! Woot! Woot!

  4. hahahaaaa. mwa ahahahaaa. i love dominating men. it makes me feel like a woman. UGH. crossbows are always a good idea. haha my posse will bring the cannons and catapults.erm. ghana is cool.

  5. WARNING: This entry is sketchy beyond belief.
    seriously woman… this is one of the many reasons i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! ahh well i hope stuff is getting better for you darling. love you much much much…. and i never see you anymore 😦 *cries*… love you ❤

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