And so it seems to me (despite the 5 hour time difference), that I find
myself once again in the mysterious gap in time which accompanies a new
year. I’m not exactly sure how to feel, or with what sort of attitude
I’m supposed to be reminsicing about the year…nevertheless…I find
myself rapidly and uncontrollably approaching some vague sense of
end….being thrust violently at the throne of fate. I’m not exactly
sure what I’ve got to look forward to…but at this moment in time…it
appears to be something much more beautifully profound then this hole
I’ve dug…and I seem positive that there’s something swimminig in the
great beyond for me to hold onto…because I am not going down with
this ship.

                      the  best feeling
the  world  is

be  a  million`

                      miles away     &
be   able  to

his eyes

2005: My Shortest Survey Yet

1. Where were you when the year began?::  At Jackie’s having a beasty time
2. What were you doing at the time?:: Probably flouncing around wearing only a stuffed animal and harassing Jeremy
3. Were you praying for Dick Clark?:: That’s…a secret.
4. Did you make any resolutions?:: I actually don’t remember. Must not have been that great then.
5. When did you fall asleep?:: Like 6 haha. I was the last one to fall asleep…we were watchign Gilmore Girls. Teehee.
6. Who was the first person you talked to?:: The…girls.
7. Did you throw confetti?:: No but we thoroughly harassed each other sketchily.
8. Did you kiss someone into the year?:: Hm? Ya I kissed….Bob.
9. Were there any other party-type things involved?:: Of course. We were wild. And America’s Next Top Models. Mmmm.

10. What’s one of your best memories of 2005?:: Hmmm….wow. When Mat came up…crazy things with Emyln…and Dan…all of Dan.
11. Name something really exciting that happened:: Dan.
Erm…wow alot…so much I hardly remember anymore…met Ethan
Steiffel!!! Ughhhh…Saw Wicked. Now that was hot. Wow. SO much
happened this year.

12. Who were your best friends?:: Mat. (Duh) Emlyn. (UGH) Sarah. (Teehee) Amy. (Woot) Sam. (Eeek)…and other sketchy people
13. If you were in school at the time, what was your favorite class?:: English is my favorite subject…except ermm…last year’s Math class was really beasty…
14. Make any new friends?:: Yup. A bunch of sexy people.
15. Fall in love?:: Oh dear.
16. Did any firsts happen in 2005?:: First every second isn’t it? Well that made sense in my head.

17. What’s one of your worst memories from 2005?:: O dear. Stuff. Bad…stuff. Sketchiness…alot of stuff.
18. Name something really awful that happened:: Erm……..Duno. Allegra? Me dad. Junk.
19. Did you lose any friends?:: Ya…sniffle…actually…Sarah’s sort of……drifting into the abyss. *Tear* Definately lost Rob. Oh wow I forgot about that.
20. Any teachers have it out for you?:: YES.
UGH. Like…every single one on the planet. I thought O’B did…but he
just turned out to be an awesome little man trapped in a Colonel’s body.

21. Lose a boyfriend/girlfriend?:: Meh. Ya. That slut.
22. Do you have any regrets?:: Eh.
23. Anything you need to apologize for?:: Ya. But…well…long story. It’s him that needs to apologize. Wow. I can’t believe the year is over…I guess I’m glad.

24. Who was your favorite American Idol contestant?:: Um. Are you dumb? Who cares
25. Did you watch that dancing American Idol spin-off?:: Um…… Go away.
26. Did any of your favorites win an Oscar?:: Um. I don’t remember the Oscars
27. What was the best movie of 2005?:: Erm. Rent?
28. Best new TV show?:: The Office…UGHLISCIOUS.
29. Any TV specials that were good?:: Uh. No. Except for the one about Dan Radcliffe.
30. What’s your favorite song from 2005?:: Are you seriously asking me a question about pop music? *Scoffs* You are a horrible man. I refuse to answer this quesion.
31. How about your favorite new band?:: Ok now that is just cruel. Go away.

32. If you said “yes” to the resolutions question…how did that work out?:: Erm. Go away?
33. Win any awards?:: YES. The sexy whore award.
34. Accomplish anything else that you find important?:: Ya. But I wouldn’t be able to put it into words even if I wanted to…
35. Learn any major life lessons?:: Men are sexy. And…Rob is a whore.

36. Sum 2005 up in a few words:: Cruel. Demanding. Winding. Torturous. Beautiful.
37. Will 2006 be as good?:: It will be better. Count on it.
38. Will Dick Clark still be able to host on the big night?:: I’ll be in England. Bitch.
39. Will you watch if he isn’t?:: I…want him.
40. Will there be anymore “We Love You, Dick” signs?:: Um. Of course I love dick. *Snicker*

That was sort of a crap survey.

{IN 2005……..} (Bold That Apply In 2005)

I Got A Cellphone
(Yay spiffy abuse)

I Made New Friends
I Moved

I Went To A New School

Visited Another Country
(I’m in England right now…)

Fell In Love

Fell Out Of Love

Snuck Out

Had A Resolution That I Kept

Had A Resolution I Didn’t Keep

Made Some Mistakes

Made A New Xanga

Made A Myspace
Got A New E-mail Address

Liked Someone

Got A New Look

Got A New Attitude

Got a New Look On Life (Wow these are all silly)
Lost Weight
Got Taller
(I hope not)
Had Kids

Got Married

Lost Friends

Lost Family

Learned An Instrument
Got Intouch With Old Friends

Gained Weight

Dropped Out Of School

Got Good Grades

Got In Fights

Got Sick

Sang Infront Of A Crowd

Dated Around
Got Dumpped

Discovered A New Band

Got Addicted To A Drug

Got Addicted To A TV Show

Discovered A New Show

Got Depressed

Got Introuble With The Law

Went To Jail

Got Pissed At Friends

2005 Was A Good Year
(It was good…but tough.)

2005 Was An Ok Year

Um. That was…….nice.


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