The Christmas Survey

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?: Ummm. the fact that it’s christmas. everything is so jolly
Why?: cuz………its….jolly.
Do you enjoy sipping hot chocolate by the fire?: teehee yup.
Do you celebrate Hannakuh as well as Christmas?: no….but jews rock out loud.
What smiley best represents yourself at Christmas time?:
Do you get lots of presents?: haha ok this year…no joke i seriously have 2 presents. its sort of sad. but its ok.
Who do you get the most from?: well i guess my mom now.
your relatives come over?: the resetarits (emlyn) always come up after
christmas..but this year…we’re going there…MWA HA HA.
If so… what relatives?: ok. you really need to get with the flow.
Do you like eating Christmas cookies?: ya man…and my mom makes a shitload of them. ugh.
you think that Christmas isn’t Christmas without snow?: i would love
snow on christmas…but it doesn’t normally happen….sniff.
Do you believe in Santa Clause?: uhhh. duh.
Do you or your parents leave out cookies & milk for Santa?: i dont think so….
Do you leave food for the reindeer? maybe we used to….
Do you write letters to Santa telling him what you want?: uhhh cha.
Do you normally get everything that you ask for?: Hmmm. Sometimes…

What has been your ultimate Christmas present?: Actually….probably going to England.
Why?: cuz Emlyn’s there!
What year was the best Christmas?: Every christmas I had with a family.
If Christmas was on a Sunday… would you go to church?: ….no?
Do you go to musicals?: Musicals? I’m confused…
Do you go to church things around Christmas?: Heh…not really….
Do you exchange gifts with your friends?: I tried haha
Do you usually wear red & green over the holiday seasons?: I guess sometimes…but uhhh…maybe?
When does your family open presents?: Different everytime sort of…this year is so messed up.
you get real Christmas trees or fake Christmas trees?: Depends…haha
we used to have a christmas in every single room…seriously. it was

Does your family decorate the house?: We used to be intense..but not really anymore.
Do you decorate your room?: Used to….
Do you say “Merry Christmas” a lot during the Christmas season?: Joyous Kwanza! Solemn Ramadan.
Do you listen to 93.9 during the season?: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh….no
Do you listen to Christmas music period?: Do you?
Do you like Christmas music?: It’s beasty.
Do you like going to the mall during the Christmas season?: erm….sure?
Do you give your family presents?: you bet.
Do you have a stocking?: heck yes.
And last but not least… DO YOU LIKE CHRISTMAS???: yes. but I’m really not looking forward to it this year….


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