It looks as though I’ll never get to see him……….

My AOL Messenger Life:

What’s your screenname?: aninnocentbanjo

How long have you been on AIM?: 6th grade. but hahaha. so many…erm. long story.

What version of AIM do you have?: the…nice one?

How much contacts do you have?: buddies? *checks* 361. ew.

How contacts you have that are girls?: a….few.

How much contacts you have that are boys?: were you high when you wrote these questions? they dont make sense.

Do you have families using AIM?: families?
well my dad is REALLY sketchy and has IM and sketchifies me on it…so
does bryan…and dan….ok i guess we’re sort of a sketchy family.

Does your friends at school have AIM?: no i really think you were high when u wrote this.

Do you talk into a conversation?: wtf? yes?

How much people was in a conversation usually?: are you from canada or something?

What’s the largest amount of people that’s in a conversation that you’ve been in?: ooo you mean chatroom. um. i guess….a bunch. ive had some pretty sketchy chatrooms…believe me.

How much times are you online?: always…except when my comp randomly spazzes and orgasms

When you’re online, do you talk to everyone who’s online?: not….everyone….

When you’re online, do you talk to specific people online?: hahaha these questions are so dumb

Do you use emoticons?: not really…

What’s your font color?: greeeeeen. it’s wicked.

What’s your text’s font?: dont remember…but its spiffy.

Do you have those special sounds effects thing?: nope…but i totally wanted to have some les info be the…oh nvm.

Do you LOVE AIM? i dont love it…but im addicted to it. very sadly. i cant really live without it. its rather sad.

My Xanga Life:

What is your username?: aninnocentbanjo. how original.

How long have you created it?: oooo they tell you! i checked and it said 539…i think like a year and a half…

Are you on Normal Xanga or Premium Xanga?: normal…but it gives me premium anyway…sweeet.

How much people you subscribed to?: a whole bunch. there was a time when everyone had a xanga…tear. the empire has fallen.

How much people subscribed to you?: no idea.

Do you subscribe back to the people who subscribed to you?: um…do you?

Do you subscribe to a site (surveys, music, icons, etc)?: just the sketchy survey site

What do you write about in your posts?: i write…good…stuff…about….sex

Do you write about personal stuff in a public post or a protoected post?: i actually write it in public…i dont really care what people read. no one reads it anyway.

Do you have a protected posts list?: yes. it includes all of one
person: Mat. Duh. but my protected posts arent all that juicy…so its
ok…its mostly stuff that…..well…w/e. i have alot more private
posts than protected ones…sometimes i just…ya well. im shutting up

Do you comment back to people who commented at your posts?: yup.
like always. its…strange. except i comment on my xanga…and ive
realized im pretty much the only one who does this…besides like
caroline…but it makes more sense…otherwise you get all
confused…and mostly its just because its just a habit from
livejournal because mat and i always used to have insane comment
wars…hard to explain. but everyone thinks im weird when i comment
back on mine. face it bitch.

Do you comment about what they wrote in the post or what they wrote in their comment for your post?: mostly on their post.

Do you have a pretty layout for your xanga?: its intense. i liked
it cuz it was sexy and the colors are hot and stuff…and sorta
sad….but then jon told me it’s a britney spears song and i was like
AK!! MUST! RID! but uh. i never got around to it…and no one would
know its a britney song unless they knew britney so…its all good. we
keep on the DL…shhh. i tried changing the layout in september for the
new year…and i just couldn’t handle it. it doesnt feel right doing
anything else…ive gotten far too attached to this one. pathetic.

Do you have a music playlist on your xanga?: no…they
always give me a headache and make me want to slap the person…because
im always listening to music…and then i go to read someones xanga and
theres like two songs playing and i cant read what they’re saying and i
feel like whacking them. good explanation right? ya. heh.

Do you have icons on your xanga?: icons? i have an avatar….i should change it sometime too…

Do you have a site on xanga? If yes, what is it and where is it?: um. what are you talking about.

1. What did you do last night?
raped children. oh no wait. sam and christina came over and we beasted it up. it was intense. we made a slutty movie. yesss.

2. Who was the last person you called?
probably……mat? or amy. nah prolly sam.

3. What does the 5th text on your phone say?
my phone is dead. i dont feel like fixing it.

4. When was the last time you thought about sex?
right now. bitch.

5. When was the last time you got hurt, physically or emotionally?

6. When was the last time you cried?
haha actually like 10 minutes ago when i reread what rob wrote in my yearbook. sniff. im such a loser.

7. When was the last time you lost something?
i lose something like every 3 seconds. no seirously…its like a perpetual losing talent of mine. it’s impressive.

8. What are you listening to right now?
panic at the disco. ya. its intense.

9. What are you eating right now?
your face.

10. What bothers you the most about the opposite sex?

11. What is the thing you look for in the opposite sex?
a vagina.

12. What was the first thing a guy/girl bought for you?
first? what? uhhhh. what? confused…………

13. Do you date more than one person at once?

14. What was the last movie you watched?
not sure actually…probably Narnia

15. What was the last tv program you watched?
some crap ass thing on MTV

16. What do you want for your bday?

17. What are you doing tonight?
raping more kids.

18. When will be the next vacation/holiday?
erm…right now.

19. How do you feel right now?
i feel swell.

20. Who do you think will take this next?
your mom.

What’s your favorite town?
um. pussytown. no actually i love ptown. and NYC. but thats a city.

I can’t wait to/till….?

Whats the best insult you’ve ever heard or said?
nothing that campbell or rob has ever said.

Who got you to join myspace?
me. bitch.

What’s the last thing you said outloud?
bryan you are a slut.

What is the last thing/person you spent over $100 on?
ummmmmmmmmmmm. heh. actually probably sam’s bday present.

What website(s) do you visit the most during the day?
myspace or xanga

Go into your text message log on your phone…what does the last message say?
dude. we’ve been over this

Do you have an air freshener in your car?
i have no car you idiot.

Do you have plants in your room?

If you could drink anything right this second, what would be?

Does anything hurt on your body right now?
ya. alot.

Last alcohlic beverage?
hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaa. gin and cognac and merlot and irish creme
and some random crap nameless thing…all mixed together. no joke. it
was so horrible. amazing.

If someone you hated died, would you laugh and spit on their grave?
as much as i’ve probably said yes…i would never. i would cry. however…i would get a week off school.

Do you exercise as much as you should?
hmmm. yes…but i havent been going to class as much as i should….so no. but normally yes.

Would you give your bf/gf a second chance if they cheated on you?
hm. not sure. depends.

Recent time you were really upset?
erm…last night.

Admit something about yourself:
I’m a slut.


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