I have a problem with making too many plans with too many people and
then never actually doing any of them…I think it annoys alot of
people…but on any given night I tell like 8 different people “Ya
sure…let’s hang out…”…and then I sort of only go with one and the
rest get pissed off. Oh well. I have a huge problem with saying no.

I have always and forever wanted red hair.

Blasting music through the house is the best thing….ever.

I also have a huge problem with rejecting people…as in…I can’t.
It’s probably one of my biggest flaws…I lead everyone on too much. I
really only care about one person at a time.

I’m typically really reserved about my love…in that I try with all my
might to not let them know (even though EVERYONE knows about it within
a day or two anyway)…Even though I rant and rave about it excessively
to my best friends…I try to be subtle…and I usually try hard to
cover it up by being excessively mean or indifferent…which ends up
just making me look even more obvious and dumb because I’m exerting so
much effort on it. But lately…or just…with this current love of
mine…I find I’m becoming much more open and willing to let him in. I
just hope it doesn’t backfire on me.

I admire Sarah Krauss so much for how much she thrusts herself at guys.
Without any second thoughts. It’s sort of incredible…sort of
insane…but mostly admirable. I never had that confidence…but I’m
starting to develop it…I guess it’s not confidence…but…hope? Nice
to be able to live in the moment. It’s not even about being comfortable
enough with yourself to admit your love openly…but being able to put
your heart on the line and watch it get crushed…it’s bravery. No day
but today.

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