I feel like randomly posting some cool new avatars…cuz I’m
bored…and should be studying…and. Ya. Pretty much what I do every
night. Ya. Some of them are completely random…some are just cool
looking…and some are beasty. On the whole…it’s a wtf quilt. I don’t
feel like explaining them all…so alot will be like jigga
what….maybe I’ll do it later. Hmmm alot of them don’t move….weird.
Alot are just like photographs. Sweet. And of course…they’re in no
particular order.

Ok I’m seriously done now. That was a fuck of alot. A fuck of alot mroe than I planned on doing. Woops.

So I think it’s safe to go with….The cast list to end all cast lists.

Wow. So fucking much in my life.

So much to say.

So basically. My life is amazing. And ummm…time is slipping away awfully fast.

Most amazing Nutcacker story I have to remember to write down later. I’m sure I won’t forget it though.

Amazing day. Amazing break throughs. Amazing laughs. Amazing scandel.

I guess I’ll end it all with the lovely Maureen. Idina is my hero:


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