[An author who had affected you] ooooh
ya definately. um. i cant think. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME. apparently i
cant think of good answers at 11. gregory maguire is a pretty cool guy
no lie.

[What you most like to do on a Sunday] masturbate. then frolic with my beasts. even tho damn dance takes up like half of the day. hoes.

[A monument you would like to view from your bedroom] um. a really cool one? hey im fine with my cherry blossom tree…its gorgeous.

[A taste that makes you melt] MAN. Those bent spoon cupcakes are fucking orgasmic. wow.

[A hobby that occupies your time] this damn xanga haha. hobby? cutting people up into shreds and eating them. well id say dance occupies most of the time.

[The film you could watch over and over] AK!
tons. um. let’s see…haha rent. just cuz its badass like that.
totoro…duh. what else? well lots of things. i cant think right now.

[Your motto] um.
ill just write No day but today….cuz otherwise it’d “If you’re not
happy, then we’re not happy”…and that would mean that Emlyn would
have to rape me. don’t ask.

[Your approximate annual income] 52 cents brotha.

[Something important on your computer desk] a
really huge razor i use to cut myself. and some heroin. oh and a
computer. haha actually this desk is so messy that i wudnt even be able
to say.

[What you would keep in a safe, if you had one] uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. used condoms. definately.

[Things you like to buy] cds. cuz its fun watching money disappear.

[If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy] a sex change. no. I KNOW WHAT IT IS. i just cant think of it. damn it. i have crap answers.

[You collect] sex. O MAN. i actually do collect stuff…..um. ticket stubbs…pins. to put on my camera bag. i know im a geek. there’s other stuff…i cant really remember right now. i think im high.

[Your strangest possession] oooo i cant tell you. tis a secret.

[Your most expensive possession] uhhhh…my camera? ya. thats about it.

[Your prized possession] hmmm. thats a tough one. my. um. ovary? nothing material is that important to me.

[If your house was burning and you only had time to rescue 3 things, they would be] *sigh*…thats tough too…i guess……….my katie bear…shit. lauren draws blanks when she’s high.

[Something forbidden you have done that might even surprise your closest friends] oh
theres DEFINATELY stuff about me that would surprise my closest friends
*gigglesnort*…so why the hell would i write it here?

[The appropriate age for having sex] when you want to. when you’re in love. and when you feel ready.

[The first time you had sex, you were how old] 6. it was good stuff.

[Your most recent lie] telling him that i hate him. o and that thing about the letters.

[A lie you tell yourself] heh. a fuck of alot of things.

[A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis] crack. opi-yum.

[If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to]
opium. haha nah i duno. im addicted to you. haha *giggles at terrrible song referance*

[What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you] oh
dear. ive never actually thought about that. a part of me really feels
like i should take what ive learned…and not take it…but really…if
our love is deep enough…its even more enriching to face it together.
teehee. lauren also sounds corny when she’s high.

[A time you purposely hurt someone emotionally] oh shit. *looks away*….yes. my darling boy.  and i dont want to relive it.

[Which of your parents do you strongly resemble] resemble? my momma.

[If you didn’t know your parents, you would choose these two famous people to take their place] i
always wanted harrison ford as a dad…cuz he’s wicked hot as indiana
jones hahaha. but paul mccartney might do. alot of cool ass men would
do. even mr. stevenson would be better. and for a mom….um. i don’t
know. maybe there’s no replacement. *blushes* ill think of someone
cool..trust me.

[Something your parents did that you have never forgiven]
haha are you serious? no comment.

[A trait you do not share with your siblings] i…um…dont have a penis. i guess im more of a performer than them. but nah dan’s pretty cool at that too.

[Your least favorite relative] poppa.

[Four traits you look for in a friend] intellect, not…fake, not…a…bitch.  and…….uh…loyalty? ha. like my friends would ever be loyal.

[The friend you have known for the longest time] emlyn. ya. emlyn.

[The friend you miss the most] MAT.

[A friend who makes you laugh]  my darling jmo and emlyn. i feel like ive done these damn questions before…prolly cuz i have.

[A friend who you can tell anything] mat…

[A friend you can go to for advice] mat…

[A friend you can flirt with] haha.
used to be my robbie. now. um. connor. o man. that man is my life.
duno. pretty much all of my guy friends. cept campbell. he’s a pretty
sucky flirter.

[A friend you should not flirt with as much as you do] haha connor. and pretty much…everyone. im a whore. and maybe mark…cuz i think i give him to wrong impression

[A friend you should not have kissed] *refuses to give the name*

[A friend you may lose soon] rob and campbell. maybe its too late now.

[An acquiantance you would like to make a friend] a
bunch of sexy people. actually nah…i dont need more friends haha. i
sound like a jerky loser…but its true. ive got my plate full with
these bitches already.

[A friend who has betrayed you] wow um…can you say…everyone?

[A friend to whom you have something important to say, but have not yet had the courage] nearly everyone. him. sam and amy. pretty much everyone.

[Your 3 best qualities] ew. im not answering these questions. i hate ego. um. being a slut. being a whore. being a fiend.

[Your 3 worst qualities] um. alot. these are crap questions.

[3 words that describe how others view you] probably as an unstable, obnoxious whore

[3 words you would use to describe yourself] um. nothing like the above.

[A special compliment that made you blush] AW. everytihng jmo says. he’s just too cute. and just. alot. people can be cute. bob lately is sweet.

[An insult that made you burn] OOOO. yesterday. everything campbell and rob everyday. id like to pretend i dont care. but i do. *sigh*

[The animal that best describes you] heh. the fucking loch ness monster.

[The greatest amount of physical pain you ever endured] the PBS summer intensive…o and im sure i can think of things. just. not. now.

[Your best physical feature] my uterus.

[At your best, you are most like this famous person] the crackwhore that died 40 years ago of AIDS.

[At your worst, you are most like this famous person] …campbell? (is too bored to think of something good)

[Your most recent selfless act] Um. Nothing.

[3 people you consider to be geniuses] bryan, richard…um. einstein? jmo.

[3 inventions you consider to be ingenius] the dildo…the vibrator…the strap…ya. thats pretty much it.

[Your 3 favorite childhood toys or games] o dear. how do u expect me to remember that when im all drugged up?

[3 words you often use when speaking] the. a. and.

[3 sounds that disturb you] hm. funny. sounds dont…um. screamo music. rap music. the sound of jordan browning’s voice.

[3 lessons youhave learned the hard way] there’s more than three. don’t mess with people’s hearts.

[3 things you would never do] um. i would do…anything. except. um. not rape jmo daily.

[3 things you would not allow your children to do] not live

[3 things youhave done in your life that you regret] that…rob…thing.

[Your dream] dream? hm. maybe just have it all back the way it was. maybe him. maybe just to be free.

[If you had the talent or the opportunity, you would] be on broadway.

[Something you wish you could learn at the snap of your fingers] …everything. how to not go insane

[Something you wish you could change about your life] eh…be less….well. there’s alot i guess.

[You want to retire at this age] when i want to…

[How do you plan to spend that last years of your life] oh thats so sad. um. having wild sex on some random mountain.

[How would you like to spend the last few minutes of your life]
awww. uh. happy?

[At your funeral, you want people to remember you as]
waaa this is morbid. remember me as lauren. a human.

[Something you dreamed that later happened or turned out to be true] aw. rob.

[The emotion you tend to hide the most] hide? i dont really hide my emotions. maybe my love for people…but…maybe sadness. duno.

[The emotion you seem to experience the most] every emotion.

[A moment you achieved absolute happiness] o. so many times. i can’t…express…or pinpoint one time

[You would feel envious right now if] he started going out with some girl…duh.

[A piece of music that makes you sentimental] ah! like. loads. um. i knowww i can think of something. o crap.

[When you are happy, you need] ….sex?

[When you are sad, you need] to write…to be alone…and talk to my beasty mat

[When you are nostalgic, you need] talk…to…mat?

[When you are angry, you need] punch someone.

[When you are lonely, you need] um. be with someone?

[When you are in love, you need] be with them.

[You would jump up and down with joy if someone told you] he loved me. or that like…mat was coming.

[The last time you cried uncontrollably was when] o wow. uh. i dont remember exactly.  but sometime. 

[A moment in your life when your emotions froze and you felt absolutely nothing] o dear. that happens alot. totally in that bath…don’t ask.

[You get angry with yourself when you] let myself do this to myself…abuse people…victimize myself…etc.

[Your earliest memory] waaaa its midnight lauren cant think.

[Describe your first paying job] giselle.

[Describe your best paying job] ….giselle.

[You are haunted by the memory of] o dear. alot. that image of my dad in the doorway…that…day.

[A person who was exceptionally kind to you] …thats…vague…many people…haha mat?

[A person who made you miserable for a long time] rob…dan reiss…dad.

[A smell that reminds you of your childhood] ooo tons. at all different ages.

[A routine you remember from your childhood] uh…..being…a…child?

[Your greatest fear]

[A crime or natural disaster you were a victim of]

[A sickness or disease you fear] stds

[A reason for which you would seriously contemplate suicide] to save a million other people with my death.

[When people first meet you, you are afraid they will think] that I suck

[Your greatest fear about aging] getting senile

[Your greastest fear about marriage] that
he’ll have different interests than I and want to completely settle
down and will be an overall oppressor of the household.  And I might
not be able to just stay there and be content.

[Your greastest fear about having children] the act of giving birth, legs spread open, the pain, you know.

[A plan or project you worry may fail] debate, short term , but eh.

[Something on your mind you are afraid to share] I need lovem an.

[When you really want to get to know someone, you say or ask] I don’t do anything and let them slip away or come on too strong so they run away.

[The largest age difference youhave had in a relationship] one or two years, I dk, nothing too big

[Who was younger] depends which one.

[Something someone said or did that you found extremely attractive] dont know

[Something someone said or did that you found frighteningly unattractive] lance dancing, oh man.

[A saying you’ve heard about men or women that you believe is true] women are bitchessss man

[A phyisical trait you find attractive] anything really.

[An intellectual ability you find attractive] don’t know

[A personality trait you find attractive] mature

[You are irritated when people ask you] d/k

[You love it when people ask you] if I wanna hang.  well, depends.

[Your secret passion] nothing

[Your longest grudge] jason

[A type of person you don’t seem to get along with] okinawans, shiiiiit.

[You and your spouse or partner argue about this issue often]

[What you enjoy most about having a committed relationship]

[What you dislike most about having a committed relationship]
no freedom, feeling constrained.

[Your sexiest feature] none

[A place where you’ve always wanted to make love] in a public bathroom stall

[A wonderful place where you have made love]

[A strange place where you have made love]

[A special place on your body that, when kissed or touched, feels unbelievably good]

[An unfulfilled fantasy]

[A fulfilled fantasy]

[A fragrance that reminds you of someone with whom you have been intimate]

[The most perverted situation you have ever been in] parked car by the park

[The approximate number of sexual partners you have had]

[The largest age difference between you and a sexual partner]

[The first time you achieved orgasm]

[You feel most attractive when]

[The book, song, or movie title that best describes your sexuality]

[Sex is] nothing to me at the moment

[If you could change one law]

[If you could erase one memory]

[If you had extra money] llassserrr, jawwww, etc.

[If you could bring one person back from the dead] no!

[If you could start all over]

[Your current philosophy] idk

[Something you learned this week] about the tamil tigers, won’t go into it

[Your most important goal right now] to get the debate done and over with, successfully.

[The best word to describe your love life] nada

[The best word to describe your job] ARGHHHH!

[Your biggest obstacle right now] school

[The most important thing in life] idk, yet to find out

[The last person you said “I love you’ to] dont remember


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