So I felt like randomly posted some awesomely random avatars…They’re beasty and obscene.


Just cause this reminded me of Anne Frank: “What’s that she’s got on her head?” “A lampshade!”

Princess Bride. Ugh Ugh. What more do I need to say?


I duno. I thought it was pretty. And hot.

Ugh. Beasty.

Dude. This was Rob and I’s song and that makes me totally sad.

Favorite part…..ever.

Soooo Mat and I. Ugh.

Um. Can you say….hot?

Um. Painful.

Aw. Cute. *Sniff*


Heck yes I will.

So highschool. Heh.

SOOOO effing me.

Haha I love it.

For Campbell. Sooo Campbell.


Heh. Sadly true.

Mmmm so true.

Ugh true.

This one’s strange…but….kinda cool?

Salad fingers!!!! UGH. love of my life.

Wow. That’s beasty.

Teen girl squad ROCKS.

UGH. BEASTY. Reminds me of Mat.


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