Um. Wow. I literally  just got home.    Long day.

Um. There was something really cool that I was thinking about
writing about in the shower…but now I forget…the shower is good
like that. And of course…I have not the slightest clue what it was

And I must say, from the bottom of my heart…I am so sorry for everything I did to you. You never deserved it. Looking back…I can’t even begin to imagine how to look forward. It’s haunting me now. I was selfish, young and wrong. Completely wrong. Regret.

Why did I ever allow myself to mess with your heart? When mine had already been cut in two…I should have known.

I wish I had someone to talk to about it…but no one has any pity for me…nor should they.
What I did was wrong. If I told them my regret…they’d laugh in my
face and say they told me so. Well they did. I was ignorant. So there. You fucking win. Happy?

Oh and today I totally had an epiphany…it’s that Campbell really does hate me. Wow. That took way too long to figure out.

I’m so exhausted. I’m
going to go collapse. I’ll update tomorrow…read the entry below it’s
about yesterday…it should suffice…um. Yay?


At least I’m not a liar

At least I’m not a cheat

At least I don’t care what these god

damn mindless people think of me.



Dude. It totally made my life…Like…Jeremy was behind
the wheel…it was so cute…my wittle boy’s all grown up…it got me
really excited…for just…growing up. It’s the first really close
friend I’ve had like…drive…YAY. Sam’s next. Teehee…anyway…I’m
officially the first person he’s ever drove around…other than his
mom. It was really amusing though…because his mom was completely
spazzing and cursing and flipping out. They practically chucked me out
of the car…but I was really proud of my baby…it was raining and
dark and everything. *Squeals*…It was almost a beautiful
moment…watching growth.

Um….Today…was…pretty worthless I’m not gonna lie…pretty much a
beasty filler day. Which is strange…because I haven’t really had a
boring day in…forever. Well I guess it wasn’t completely a
waste…there were some quite amusing things…Um. Ya. Davis was *gasp*
like 20 minutes late. Which was totally weird. So we had like no math.
Chem sucked. Free was um…ya I don’t remember. GSA was mad hot. I was
falling asleep all day. English um. Sucked. Lunch was strange because
Campbell, of course, was being a loser. French AH!!!! DR. SHAFFER
DRESSED UP LIKE A RENAISSANCE WOMAN. I had always heard that she
does…but it was so freaking cool…it was completely random…and I
was just like…wow…you rock. It was this huge 1700’s dress what was
puffy and pretty and ruffly…it was so random…but like…the sickest
thing I’ve ever seen. What a cool woman. Teehee. Then History
sucked…I think…I duno…Mono’s really nice…he asks me random
questions about my brother. It’s obscene.

Then I had my absolutely AMAZING work detail. AH. MUST WRITE. ABOUT.

oh man. he was a complete asshole today. then i just wasted practically
the entire night…and…i spent probably like 2 hours making away
messages out of the spill canvas because i was like orgasming over
their poetry and i was like UGH this is so beasty. plus they were
totally fitting my…erm…problems with “him.” im really
thinking…that if there’s ANY chance he EVER reads this
xanga…everything will all be SOO obvious. which basically means im
screwed…but its ok he doesnt care enough to read it anyway…either
way…i should probably start writing about him elsewhere. but um…its
midnight and i havent started my dumb
homework…plus another poetry deadline tomorrow…plus ive got tons of
inspiration for my short story tonight…damn sleep. I don’t need it.

*Goes off to…avoid…sleeping*….*Collapses*

Greatest book ever.

WOW. I actuallllly have time today…I actually got home at like
3:30…Whatever shall I do…wow. Gasp. Lauren MIGHT actually do
homework. Scandelous.

So guess what I did today? TALKED TO TUCKER STEVENSON ONLINE. Ya, I
know right? Life is going so fast. Soon Rylie will be giving someone a
lap dance. Actually…the day that Rylie gives anyone a lap dance…I
will cheer profusely…then cry…alot.

You kow…maybe I’ll take this time today to write a short story…that would be a pretty cool use of time, eh?

School is…as expected…crap…but that’s besides the point. I sorta half failed…and half wasn’t that
bad. I sort of had some of my homework done…Ok it’s bad…but I have
to ease in to being a good kid. Except for the fact that Emlyn and I
and Connor are definately going
to be bad at the PHS dance we’re going to soon. I’m excited. Ooooo I
get to be a slut with new people and chaparones that don’t know
me…yessss. I’m pumped now. And of course…Connor will be…ya. Well.
Anyway…what was the point of this ramble?

You know…today wasn’t actually all that bad for some reason.

Wow. I’m really glad I didn’t let myself fall for him…because now I’m
finding it very easy to push him out my head…seriously…I’m starting
to wonder if it was only a physical attraction…because now that he
got a haircut…I’m quickly finding him repulsive. He’s still cute, of
course…but I’m not wanting desperately to pounce on him…and since
when does he have such bad acne? I mean before it was okay that he was
a bitch because he was a sexpot…now it’s just…an ugly bastard. Heh.
I think I have issues.

WHAT THE FUCK. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME. I was starting to slightly…feel…the need…to….impress…him. As in…him. As in…what I thought would never
happen again. I thought I was completely rid of him. Seriously…maybe
it’s just “wanting what I don’t have”…but um. It can’t happen. Ever.
Again. Besides…my mother would punch him in the balls if she ever saw
him. Heh. Amy’s always right…at least when it comes to him. God damn

Today I discovered I am a whore.

I’m not really sure how I never knew this before…but apparently I
didn’t…I guess today I just had about 15 guys in a row come up and
molest me…and I realized…since I’m not attractive at all…it must
just be the fact that I portray myself as a whore. Seriously…in high
school…it’s 2% looks and 98% image. So I guess I come off as a whore.
Hey maybe I am. Who knows. I guess I don’t mind being a
whore…otherwise you’d think I would push away guys…I guess I just
like guys. Actually maybe I just need to get laid. Mmm…who knows.

Hmmm….what else…I guess maybe I should finish writing about my Thanksgiving break…or start…So here goes…Wheeeee.

and Sunday were all Nutcracker…all day…3 shows at
McCarter…and I love Caroline Kehoe MUCHO. And I loved our dance
parties…I always feel so awkward and intrusive going in the ARBW
dressing room…but Caroline seriously has the biggest heart in the
world…she always makes me feel so welcome and accepted…for once.
*Cheers* So ya…she’s a beast…so is the beasty company.

…hmmm….AK interesting day. Let’s see…doctor in the
morning…then we had to hang around for a while so my mom randomly let
me get a facial at David Witchell…which was seriously orgasmic.
Wow. Absolutely amazing. I only get one like every 3 years so it’s
ok…I don’t feel too spoiled. Then…erm…I literally spent all
afternoon planning Jmo’s surprise party…aw it was so cute…I had so
much planning it…and I called like 8 different
places…seriously…it took me and sam like 4 hours to come up with an
idea…haha. good stuff. but it finally worked out…and im so glad we
did it…jeremy looked so happy. aww. so we went bowling…and we
bought him ALL this stuff and put in it the “WHAT THE FUCK bag”…its
AMAZING. there was like 26 things. including a tub of pure petroleum
jelly. good stuff. it was so cool though…i dont think id ever been
the one planning a surprise party…it felt so good to see his
face…awww he was smiling for like 45 minutes straight…he was so
happy…and seriously didn’t know what was going on…haha…which is
funny…since our plan was sort of crappy…we told him he was coming
over to my house to watch movies and was getting a ride with amy…and
so he got in her car…and they drove to the bowling alley
sketchily…then haha we didn’t know whether they were coming in the
front or back…so we leapt out at this car and started harassing them
and screaming SURPRISE and attacking them…and then we realized it
totally wasnt jeremy. we had a banner and everything. i mean
seriously…how many times does the coolest person ever turn 16? it was
funny though…cuz then we sprinted through the bowling alley to get to
the other side…and knocked some ppl over…and made it just in time
to the other side to surprise him. teehee. cute. i even had that damn
silly string. man i was prepared. anyway…so we bowled and it went so
well…and emlyn and i were beasty…and everyone seemed to get
along…until they all turned on UBER BITCH mode. i wanted to kill
myself…i dont feel like writing the whole dumb story down…but it
was annoying…and pointless…and they were all being uber dramatic
and stupid. so i went home early. *sigh*…i havent really talked to
amy since then. well…whatever. BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY…ahaha whoa
i just remembered the fact that Campbell was totally a
bitch…haha…but it was actually just humorous. what a silly fellow.

Tuesday…um…I seriously
don’t remember…at all. I think this could be the day that I slept all
day…stayed in my pajamas…watched TV…and screwed around with
Emlyn. Oh we so played Sims…which i hadn’t done in like…3 years. so
it was good. i dont really remember anything else. good stuff.

Wednesday….AAAAH. THE DAY MY
LIFE CHANGED. I saw RENT. Ugh. So hot. Emlyn and I were like
squealing…actually it was more like me screaming profusely and
singing and Emlyn just looking confused. Emlyn loved it though. I saw
Caroline there and ugh…she’s a pimp…wow…except for the fact that
Amy completely lied to me and stabbed me in the back…and then
pretended like nothing was wrong…it was an uber good
day….becauseeeee…then Emlyn and I found the greatest thing…ever.
It totally completed our lives…THE BOOK OF SHRIGLEY. No
joke…David Shrigley is my illegitimate father. man. i want to elope
with this book. its like an art book…but its ABSOLUTELY amazing.
dude. like orgasmic. it was meant to find us…we spent all of our
money to buy it…and um. ya. we drooled all over the pages…once we
got home we read it profusely…and then called ppl and left excerpts
from it on their answering machines…teehee. The Book of Shrigley is
my bible. I pray to it. Mmmm good. Ya…I don’t really remember
anything after Shrigley…the rest is sort of a blur…

Thursday…Yay hot
thanksgiving…which was pretty sexy I’m not gonna lie….Wittle Danny
came home…which was cute…he seems to be doing MUCH better…and he
brought his girlfriend…and he was nice and stuff…woot. um. there
was food. and much rejoycing. um. i really don’t remember anything
now…i…slept…and stuff. and then we ate. OH MAN. we played the
traditional balderdash…which was splendid. haha. emlyn and i totally
rocked. and ya. i dont remember much
else…maybe…we…watched…something? ya. i have no recollection of
anything but food.

Friday was a beasty day. Um.
Ya. Again. I really don’t remember there being any sort of
morning….or day for that matter. It probably consisted of Emlyn and I
raping each other…and just…being sexified. I’m sure there was
something…but i can’t recall right now…all I remember is seeing
RENT AGAIN. YESSSS. um…me and emlyn and kristin, christina, jeremy
and sam went to see rent. YAY. uh…we went to Friday’s first…of
least…attempted to…and then….ya don’t remember much anymore…we
had fun. jeremy didnt like rent…which means i totally hate him…but
sam and emlyn and christina and i were orgasming profusely. they were
all crying…of course. mmm good stuff. aaaand…ya…that was about
it. i think this was the night em and i stayed up till 3 partying in
our pants…AND OH there were like 20 of bryans sketchy friends playing
magic downstairs. it was creepy. ya. good day?

And ya…I don’t really remember Saturday
at all either. Seriously…there was no day…I just remember I had
people over that night…haha which was fun. I guess we did stuff…I
was like “I’m bored…lets have people over”…and then they got
there…and i was like uhhhh…i didnt think this far…why are you
people here? so i was sort of confused. we watched Caffiene…YESSS.
and then i randomly danced around like a hoe for a while cuz i wasnt
really sure what to do with myself…um…we played balderdash…which
was wicked sweet…and um. i dont really remember. i think there was
alot of “why the fuck are we here” time…but it was good. the garage
was crap. and um. people were running into the streets…which was
totally cute…except that my mom was abuot to explode…so i didnt run
with them. um. i think that was it. my mom was pissed for some random
reason…i duno…they left at like midnight. OH MAN. WE READ SHRIGLEY.
i orgasmed. good stuff. and um. that was basically my night. we watched
SNL…then emlyn and i stayed up all night raping each other.

These parting days always feel the same. But then
no, nothing these days feels the same at all. I’ve just been clinging
to figments long since faded…when days were longer…when friends were
closer…and when the sunset was elegantly purple and pink…cascading
over a vast easel. The sunset, golden and creamy now, reflected in
these heavy eyes, has made them lose their emerald jewel. I can almost
feel the harsh winds cutting my face still…each warm knife a
testament to youth. Now they’re just biting wrinkles into my flesh.
Carving thin memories into rugged clay. The moon is foreboding…and it
seems not even soft fireflies can stir me. Those glory days have
faded…tranquility fused with frailty has vanished…and left a faint
white whisper in the night sky. I can’t seem to reach it anymore. A
small freckle perched on my left hand reminds me I’m still alive.
Blinking. I desperately want to burst through this flesh…into
oblivion…and take the sunset in my palms…let the freckle devour it.
Just let me be free. I don’t even know what I’m letting go of…because
there’s nothing new to grab hold of. A selfish ledge narrows. What’s
the date? I don’t even know if it matters. I guess the minutes run
faster these days. Maybe that’s all that’s haunting me.

You never told me it would end like this.

I wish I were a blade of grass…slicing through your foot.

These parting days always
feel the same. But no, nothing these days feels the same at all. I’ve just been
clinging to figments long ago…when days were longer…when friends were
closer…and when the sunset was purple and pink…cascading over a vast easel.
The golden sunset now, reflected in the heavy eyes, has made them lose their
emerald sparkle. I can almost still feel the harsh winds cutting my face…each
warm knife a testament to youth. Now they’re just biting wrinkles onto my
flesh. Carving thin memories into rugged clay. The moon is foreboding…and it
seems not even fireflies can stir me. Those glory days have faded…tranquility
fused with frailty has vanished…and left a faint white whisper in the night
sky. I can’t seem to reach it anymore. A small freckle on my left hand reminds
me I’m still alive. Blinking. I desperately want to burst through this
flesh…into oblivion…and take the sunset in my palms…let the freckle
devour it. Just let me be free. I don’t even know what I’m letting go
of…because there’s nothing new to grab hold of. What’s the date? I don’t even
know if it matters. I guess the minutes run faster these days. Maybe that’s all
that’s haunting me.


You never told me it would
end like this.


I wish I were a blade of
grass…slicing through your foot.


AK! Lauren hasn’t updated in a while. Sad.

Teehee. Life is good I guess. Last night had no drama. *Cheers*

And I think we’re going shopping.

School tomorrow. But that’s ok…more time with….*Cough*


I still have so much to do though…before break ends…ugh…I don’t think I got anything done. Heh. It’s ok though.


Wow. It’s almost December…that’s absolutely insane. Sophmore year is dragging along but flying by so quickly.


7 Types of Intelligence – Which is yours?

brought to you by Quizilla

Teehee…that’s hot. It was too big and it messed everything up so I
had to scale it down and now you can’t read the dumb words…oh well.

I heart my baby.

…I’ll write more later…

So…incase you were wondering…this is pretty much what living with Emlyn has been like so far:


And in case you were wondering…yes…that is the floor of a bowling
alley. Heck yes. It almost looks like bondage. We fell ontop of each
other…it was pretty wet. Don’t ask. Don’t question. Just sex.

More pictures of Jeremy’s AWESOME 704 Birthday sex here:

And I’m sure more to come…teehee.

Wow. That was really crappy too. I was in a crappy annoyed mood so all
the answers are rubbish. Teehee…rubbish. woot. I need to stop this
survey attack.

First Name: Hobo
Middle Name: Sex
Birthday: May 16
Eyes: Green and horrible vision
Hair: Sexified…getting dark now
Fav color: The color of your…pants
Day/Night: Day/night??…night
Fave Food: Good stuff. Orgasmic juices.
Do you ever wish you had another name? Ya…like…Pimp master.
Do you like anyone? Yes…your mom
Which one of your friends acts the most like you? Emlyn? Hmm…ya I guess I’d go with Emlyn.
Who’s the loudest? Me. Or…Sam?
Who have you known the longest of your friends? Emlyn…Sarah…and…Bob.
Who’s the shyest: Heh. No one’s shy at the Hun School.
Are you close to any family members? …Emlyn…
When you cried the most: Ever? Um. Maybe Dan’s graduation…NO. I definately think at the end of WSS. Or…just…alot.
What’s the best feeling in the world: Being…sexified…and BEING UNDER STAGE LIGHTS. And…being with Mat.
Worst Feeling: Being with Rob. And just when I suck at life.
Let’s walk on the: OPIUM TRAIL
Let’s run through: prairie?
What a nice: dildo
Where did all the: FLYING PANTS COME FROM?
Why can’t you: SHUT THE FUCK UP
Silly, little: beeswax.
Ran away from home: …Maybe
Pictured your crush naked: …Um…awkward…
Skipped school: Heh. Ya.
Broken someone’s heart: I hope not…
Been in love: Heh. Yes. Very much so.
Cried when someone died: Ya…
Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: OF COURSE.
Done something embarrassing: Nothing embarasses me. But ya…I guess from other people’s point of view…AAAH! HARASSING DAN’S CAR!
Done a drug: OPI-YUMMM.
Cried in school: Wow. A little too much. Just couldn’t cry in damn Anne Frank
Your Good Luck Charm: sex…mat…and a tub of barley
Person You Hate Most: Your mom.
Best Thing That Has Happened: Ever? …….um. Daniel Radcliffe being born?
Ice Cream: ice cream? thats…vague. yes…i like ice cream…
WHO Makes you laugh the most: Jeremy Mantell…no. Dan Reiss.
Makes you smile: Reiss. And……………….uh. You
Has A Crush On You: stop asking this dumb question! NO ONE
Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Uh…….ya
Fallen for your best friend?:  ALL THE TIME. It’s so bad. Actually…they’re like the only ones I fall for…other than Dan
Made out with JUST a friend?: AHHAHAA. Yes
Kissed two people in the same day?: HAHAHAA YES THE GRASS ORGY
Had sex with two different people in the same day?: Of course.
Been rejected: . Um. Yes. But not to my face…does that…make…sense?
Been used?: Yes. Yes.
Done something you regret?: These stupid things always have the same questions…yes.
Cheated on someone?: Heh. That’s for me to know.
Been called a tease: Yes. God…that dumb Kyle Bremer.
You touched?: touched? myself…no emlyn.
You talked to on the phone?: AHAHAHA. All those prank phone calls Em and I just made…they were absolutely amazing
You hugged?: Um. Emlyn?
You instant messaged?: Um……mat
You kissed?: um…
You yelled at?: Amy…or something like that.
Who text messaged you?: Amy…I guess
Who broke your heart?: THAT EVIL EVIL MAN
Who told you they loved you?: Hmmm….Emlyn? No idea……


Oooooh baby. you KNOW you want it. UGH UGH.



Obscenely crappy survey because I’m incredibly bored:

01. Your name plus “y”:
Laureny. Teehee. Silly.

02. Two feelings at the moment?
Obscene…sexified…intense…aaaaaand PUMPED for RENT.

03. What are you listening to right now?
Rent…haha. WOOT.

04. A part of a song lyric that’s in your mind:
THE MUSIC IGNITES TONIGHT WITH PASSIONATE FIRE. ❤ (Haha sorry that song is playing right now)

05. Describe where you are right now?
In the sexy computer room…duh.

06. What was your highlight of the week?
what a crappy week it was….DEFINATELY Jeremy’s face when he walked
through the door last night…how happy he was…awwwww. He was so

07. What are you craving right now?
SEX. mmmm and food. and…..mat. and SEX.

08. Any unforgettable childhood memory?
sex with Emlyn? Childhood? Define childhood….I’d go with…my
brothers. Just. My brothers….awww Christmas mornings. And the first
time I…had…sex. No. Definately going with when Emlyn and I ran
around naked in the backyard in the rain. Mmm. Definately.

09. A not-so-good childhood memory?
I randomly remembered walking around in the dark when I was
young…after a snowday…all alone in the snow…because none of my
brothers would play in the snow with me…they had gotten too old.

10. What are your nicknames?
Teehee. Wow. A bunch…Ren…Spice…Laur…Sexpot…Whore…Banjo…
Elphie…SEX…Mei…Indy…JANE! haha wow. Good times.

11. Your three plans for tomorrow?
3? SEE RENT. Sex with Emlyn…Eat. And…NOT go to school.

12. Your three plans for today?
Randomly dance around the house in my underwear. Strip at a local bar.
Harass old men with canes. Bomb Iraq. Forcefully take over a pirate
ship and loot their treasure. That’s pretty much it.

13. Are you thinking of someone right now?
Of course. And it’s NOT Dan. *Smiles to self*…

14. Do you party?

15. Ever gotten drunk:
Dot dot dot.

17. Say something to the person who sent you this:
What the fuck? I stole it from a whore. So…You’re a whore?

18. Mary has her little lamb. What do you want?
That’s such an amazing question. Heh. I want…many things. I want to get to the other side of a rainbow.

20. Say anything you like to whoever is reading your answers:
WANT YOU. Um. No one reads my xanga…so…that’s sort of…ya. And if
you are…that’s creepy…and if you’re Ms. Donati…FUCK YOU. And
um…if you’re my mom…I like…your….cooking. And if you’re
Caroline…I LOVE YOU YOU’RE MY HERO. Alright. That was fun.

21. Are you feeling hungry?
*Munch munch munch*

22. Whom do you miss right now?
Isn’t it obvious. Wow. I miss SO many people. I miss Dan. Of course.
But I miss Mat more. I don’t miss Emlyn anymore haha…because she’s
like 10 feet away…Ok I seriously miss Niall. I mean I miss being his
friend. I miss Sarah. Wittle hottie. I miss having REAL friends. I
desperately miss Rob. Being his friend I mean. And as of this
moment…I miss……________. But I’ll see him soon…so it’s ok.

23. Last friend you talked to online?
Ugh. Let’s go with Mat…cuz no one else is really my friend. Heh.

25. What do you like about night?
I LOVE IT ALL. I love the darkness…and the quiet…and the flickering
lamp post that sits outside my window. And the….sex. And the danger.
But mostly the sex.

ahahaha this is what the person I stole it from had written…it’s so obscene:

lights and thinking about if they were all suddenly exstinguished and
the whole city was in complete darkness…wow.  And if the people
suddenly started turning into zombies and Bill and I would have to slay
the many lost souls, bill being my dog, and oh man, it’s so nuts crazy
that’s why I like to go for walks after dark with bill cause
imagination can run wild.

26. If you were on a farm.. what would you want to see?
Animals having wild sex. And a moose. Hhahaha “I was charged by a moose once”

27. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
No joke. I had it all planned out…and I was going to be a gymnast,
dancer, soccer player, doctor, teacher, writer, singer, actress,
president, director, mom, rockstar, fireman, vet, spy, assasin,
superhero…everything. How very me, eh? Oh man. I even wanted to be a
brain surgeon. I was sort of messed up. There was more..I don’t even
remember now…I had it planned out for certain amount of years
each…I remember telling my mom and her just sort of being confused
and suspicious. Now I just want to survive.

28. Last gift?
joke. We got it for Jeremy for his birthday last night. It was so cute.
Plus the other 26 items in the “WHAT THE FUCK bag” It was awesome.

30. Do you play an instrument?

31. What song did you last hear?
Another Day- Rent…UGH UGH. I’m abusive.

32. your good luck charm?
does that mean? Haha. Um. Mat. Emlyn. Or…my necklaces. Or…just my
jewelry overall…my rings. Or my…only…pair of jeans.

33. person you hate most?
Aw. You know…I don’t even hate anyone right now. But to be completely honest…the people that are pissing me off the MOST right now are actually….my best friends. Shh.

Oh. Except Rob and Campbell definately make it to the top of the hate
list…along with…Well. Ya. I’d say Eminem…and Bush. Or something
like that.

34. who makes you laugh the most?
My hoes. No
um…Hmmmm. Good question…Emlyn and Jeremy…not because they’re so
funny…but becasue with them…I just can’t stop laughing…we’re
fiesty laughing machines. And I’m not gonna lie…Dan Reiss.

35. makes you smile?
I can’t disclose that information. Well…MARK. Haha. Mat. Emlyn. Wow.
I need more friends. Idina Menzel. Jmo. Erica. Haha Connor. Ms. Ohm.
CAROLINE KEHOE. Jackie Benowitz.

But I have to say…that Campbell definately has the greatest smile…of…anyone. Teehee. When he’s not being an ASS.

36. who has a crush on you?
What the fuck kind of a question is that? God.


These kind are WAY too hard…I can’t handle it.

[ 10 favorite bands ] AHHH I COULD NEVER DO THIS. I’ll just list completely random ones I see on my itunes as I scroll. Sound good? Good.
01. Dashboard?
02. Uh…wtf? Um…The Spill Canvas?
04. Death Cab?
05. That is seriously the worst question ever.
06. Straylight Run?
07. Bright Eyes?
08. Keane?
09. Postal Service??
10. I give up.

[ 9 favorite movies ]  AAAH! THIS IS HORRIBLE!
01. I can’t pick 9. That’s just cruel.
04. Totoro.
06. Hot movies.
07. Moulin Rouge?
08. Love Actually?

[ 8 best friends ]  That’s so horrible.
01. Mat.
02. Emlyn
03. Sarah
04. Amy
05. Sam
06. Jeremy
07. FE.
08. FE.

[ 7 favorite TV shows ]
01. Babylon 5     
02. Ed
03. Emlyn’s cooking
04. Will and Grace
05. Crappy MTV and VH1 shows  
06. The Office
07. Dude…the Muppet Show.

[ 6 little known facts about you ]
01. I have sex…ALL the time.
02. I actually have really strange views about sex…ask Jeremy.
03. I waste so much time….masturbating.
04. Dude I’m lazy…but everyone knows that.
05. Five is a hot number.
06. I’m a lesbian.

[ 5 favorite foods ]
01. FOOD.  
03. “Vinegar…cuz…I like things distilled.”
Every single day…I walk down the street…ever since puberty
everybody stares at me…boys, girls I can’t help it…Hahaha sorry
listening to Take Me or Leave Me.

[ 4 people youve kissed ]
01. Good question.
02. FE!!!!  
03. Jeremy Mantell.
04. Boys have cooties.

[ 3 future goals ]
01. Oooo future. Freaky.
02. Having sex…with…Bob Piel.
03. Dude. Finding my soulmate.

[ 2 things you hate ]
01. High schoolers.
02. Girls.

[ 1 quote to live by ]

WOW. THAT WAS QUITE POSSIBLY THE HARDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE. It took me like 4 hours…and I didn’t even fill half of it in.

1. What was the last talk show you watched? The sexy one…
2. What kind of shampoo do you use and why did you buy it? Dude that Aussie stuff cuz Australians kick ass…no but Garnier Fructis will always be close to my heart haha.
3. What is your favorite symbol when you press shift on 0-9? What? Uhhh…$ cuz thats GANGSTA.
4. Dr Seuss is the shiz, so what is your favorite book by him? DR. SEUSS IS MY HERO. Wow. Um. That one about…life…and OMG JUMP ON POP. Emlyn and I have sex with that book.
5. On a scale of 1-856 how bored are you right now? 525,600 (No joke…RENT)
6. Do you have a favorite commercial right now? THAT
ONE. Ugh Choxie man…and the storm trooper that blows up that
thing…and totally…um…the one with the AMISH PEOPLE! YES.

7. Who was the last person who called your house? probably amy or sam.
8. What is your math teacher’s last name? Davis…sketchy question.
9. Go get the mail…did you or your parents get any bills? I’d…rather…not.
10. Which show is gayer Score or Date my Mom? Jigga what? Wait what’s score again? The one that’s more…homosexual. Go with that one.
11. Are you described as sarcastic? What does that even mean haha?
12. Name 5 parts of a car…DO IT! I AM A CAR….RIDE ME.
13. WOWZA you just got pregnant with a boy and girl NAME THEM NOW! Hobo and fetus.
14. Omg look Catherine Zeta Jones is at your door…what do you do? RAPE HER. And then burst into song.
15. What was the last thing you wanted really bad? To be banged by Emlyn. And backman. Tear. And to rape Daniel Radcliffe. *Drools*
16. The last letter of your crushes first name? Dude that sucks. Fine. L.
17. Biznatch is a funny word that i say all the time…do you have a word you say a lot? OMG
YES. LET’S LIST. Um. Obscene, obese, intense, beasty, AWKWARD, sketchy,
swell, shucks, and…RAPE ME. Wow I just don’t remember them all right

18. What is the tempature right now? What does that even mean? It’s steamy.
19. Have you ever had boxed mashed potatoes? ….Wouldn’t you like to know…
20. Do you have a favorite xanga smiley? OOO. Maybe. Sad..I don’t really use them anymore…but let’s go with… cuz it’s labeled WTF.
21. If you told your friends tomorrow you wanted to be gangster what would they do? OMG
Jmo are the Pimps and Pimpette. JOIN. SPREAD THE BLING.

22. Have you ever slept on a trampoliene? Ooooo sounds kinky.
23. At any graduation you had did you have ballons? That’s private information.
24. Can you sleep at night without blankets? …Can you? Ya I’m sure I can.
Shouldn’t the really small states form one big state to save the
problems of labeling them on the lines sticking out from them? Um. No. Small states are beasty.
26. What are your opinions about Pretty Ricky and Fall Out Boy? My opinion? They make music.
27. Name one guilty pleasure for kicks. Hmmmm…Bondage.
28. Do you have plans tomorrow? RENT!
29. Spin around three times really fast. How do you feel? Pregnant.
30. Which is scarier, CLOWNS or MIMES? I LOVE THEM. AND MIMES ARE MY SEXPOTS. I’d say Mrs. Fox on opium would be scariest. Or the image of someone banging Ms. Cip. Ew.


For Starters…
I don’t care about your name, so let’s skip that, ok?: Teehee.
Instead, what’s the best thing anyone has ever called you?: Probably things Rob called me over the summer.
old do you feel?: I don’t have an age. I just exist.
How old do you look?: Everyone thinks I’m in college. Like seriously…EVERYONE.
How tall is your best friend?: Well Mat’s a shorty…and Emlyn’s a BEAST. Like…tall.
What color are your father’s eyes?: I don’t even know. Oh yes. Yes I do. Green. The ONLY thing he left me.
do you wish you lived?: SOMEWHERE BEASTY. Like. OMG LITHUANIA JEREMY.
Heh. In the ghetto. Actually…in Japan…or England…or something

A Bit Deeper Now…
Do you remember your dreams?: Sometimes…
so, tell me the one that disturbed you the most: Wow. I don’t remember.
Probably the sketchy one with Dan and then the random Emlyn going
missing…ya I don’t really remember.
How about the one that made you feel really good?: Uh. Sex fantasies with Radcliffe…DUH.
When you were a child, did you have very vivid nightmares?: I don’t…think so.
If so, do you remember them even now?: Of course.
Were you ever betrayed by someone you trusted implicitly?: Yes.
What do you do when you’re home alone?: Computerize…sleep…masturbate…stare out the window…slice things.
do you think about when you are trying to fall asleep at night?:
Teehee. Whoever I’m in love with…and my AWESOME fantasies. I really
should start writing them down.
Do you fall asleep easily?: Eh. Sort of.
Who is the one person you could never forget?: Honestly…probably…Mat. Or Dan.
Who do you trust the most?: I’d have to say Mat. Wow. Mat needs to die.

Tell Me Your Secrets…
Are there things that you’ve never told another human being?: Of course.
If so, have you ever even written them down?: I don’t think so…
Have you ever been deeply hurt by a friend?: YES. Alot recently.
so, have you ever *really* forgiven them?: Not yet.
Are you a virgin?: …Perhaps…
How do you feel about that?: I FEEL I NEED SEXIN’ UP.
Is there anything that you really regret doing?: Hm. I’d have to say yes. But I don’t dwell on it.
How about *not* doing?: Ya. Wittle Danny. Actually I don’t regret that…I just regret that it never worked out.

We’re Really Deep Now…
What frightens you the most in the whole world?: Heh. This survey.
Have you ever contemplated suicide?: No.
you ever tried to commit it?: Never.
Would you donate an organ to your best friend?: Of course.
What if it meant you’d die, but they would die without it?: Oh man. I totally want to be a hero. Yes.
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?: This past year.
Are you afraid of death?: No.
What do you think happens afterwards?: …Sex?
Are you a religious person?: Not anymore.
What *do* you believe?: I believe in love. I believe in the individual. I believe in hope.
What are you passionate about?: So many things. Love. Art. Writing. Theatre. Music.
Do you carry a lot of guilt?: I can’t tell.
Would you carry a gun?: No…
Do you have a lot of anger?: Not exactly…No.
Have you ever thought you were going crazy?: Heh. Ya…and half of New Jersey agrees with me.
Have you ever thought that maybe you ARE? and this is all in your head?: Ya. Of course.
Do you believe in coincidences?: Maybe.
Why?: Why not
How did you like this survey?: It was…intense. Deep man.

What was…
The last movie you watched?: Dude. I don’t actually remember…NO WAIT! THE GOBLET OF FIRE. Ya. That was definately it. Danny and his hotness.
The last song you listened to?: Listening to Rent.
The last book you read?: Let’s see…was it…Catcher in the Rye…ew.
The last thing you ate?: Ur mom. NO! CHOXIE. Emlyn and I are obsessed.
The last thing you drank?: Water
The last scent you smelled?: My…hair.
The last dessert you ate?: CHOXIE. Ha. And that cake for Jmo’s birthday.
The last thing you fell over?: Fell over? My feet.
The last picture you took?: AH. The 400 pictures we took last night.

Who was…
The last person you kissed?: Emlyn.
The last person you hugged?: Emlyn. Or…jeremy.
The last person you talked to?: Emlyn. AH Scary.
The last person who made you cry?: Me? Or some stupid boy.
The last person who made you laugh?: Emlyn. Teehee.
The last person you saw?: Emlyn. Wow. This is sad.
The last person you dated?: …Rob…
The last person you loved?: Dan
The last person who spent time with you?: Uh…friends? Emlyn?
The last person you hated?: I’d have to say Campbell. Or just girls.
The last person you loved?: Didn’t we already establish this?
The last person who was mean to you?: HEH. Campbell Stevenson.
The last person who was nice to you?: I can’t say it……Emlyn.

When was…
The last time you ate?: Now
The last time you slept?: All day haha.
The last time you used the bathroom?: Duno
The last time you cried?: Probably like 5 minutes ago.
The last time you laughed?: Like…5 minutes ago.
The last time you hurt yourself?: Um…right now?
The last time that you read?: That sentance
The last time that you listened to a CD all the way through? Right…now.
The last time you spent a night over at someone else’s house?: like…now.
The last time you spent with a friend?: Um…last night?
The last time you did drugs?: Last night.
The last time you cursed?: Like…5 minutes ago…
The last time you prayed?: Like 8 years ago.
The last time you wished you were dead?: Never
The last time you wished someone else was dead?: Teehee. No comment.
The last time that you wanted more time to do something in?: AH. EVERY. MINUTE. I NEED MORE TIME.
The last time you wished you didn’t have to end something?: Last night? Haha this is so dumb
The last time you played a videogame?: Like this weekend
The last time you watched TV?: Like 5 minutes ago
The last time you wrote something down on paper?: Um…like 5 minutes ago?
The last time you smiled?: 5 FUCKING MINUTES AGO.
The last time you were truly happy?: Oh. Well. I don’t know.
The last time that you were sad?: Uh…duno.
The last time you told someone that you loved them?: Probably like 5 minutes ago.
The last time you talked on the phone?: Like 5 minutes ago.
The last time you posted on an internet forum?: Forum? Not in…forever.
The last time you sent an email?: E-mail sucks.
The last time you used IM programs to talk to someone?: Right now.
The last time you updated your blog/webpage/livejournal/etc.?: Right…now.
The last time that you sat and thought about your life?: Right…now.
The last time in which you declared “I hate you!”?: Campbell.
The last time you downloaded something off the internet?: Like…now.
The last time you took a survey?: NOW SHUT UP.

Wow. That was the worst survey ever.