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    Beatles Lyrics

Hahaha…I have NO idea what this is…or why I put it here. But I did. BITCH. So deal with it. hey jude is beasty. anyway….

Though I couldn’t reach that far…I loved you from a distance.

The summer of forbidden love is slicing me in two.

Boo. The internet is an evil evil place.

Alright. So here’s what happened. I got EXTREMELY bored.
Lauren+Boredom+Internet=obese products. found them randomly…and decided to rape them. alright…so…ya….i think
mat is the ONLY person who will be able to get more then 20% of
them…but they’re amusing nonetheless.

There’s tons more I might put on later…and later I have to write captions/comments on each…ek…i be tired now.

O.M.G. *Faints* hahaha do i realllly need to explain it? and its incredible beastyness? come on. put 1 and 1 together.

The Evilllll HP Section…MWA HA HA…They’re all for Mat:

hahahahahah mat…the sexy sexy line

o baby. rape me.

rar….NOOOO! and mat im sooo right

dow. li’l brudda.

awww i like this one just cuz it reminds me of WSS.

AHAHAHAHA. This one is to display Dan’s AMAZING acting skills…ahahaa…you cant not laugh when he says that line


emmas hot when she says fuck

ahahaha this one’s for emlyn

and of course…for mat.

cuz honestly…who doesnt think dan’s sexy when hes playing the guitar?

O BABY. the punch…2!

sexy sexy balls. please. i need them.

ahahaha the greatest hp icon ever.

Alright. HP is done now. you can stop rolling your eyes.

Actually…let’s just rename this entire section: This Is For Mat. cuz honestly…PIRATES!

Ya. It’s for mat. what do you expect? cuz jonny depp + pirates= orgasmicerific

Dowwwww… to the sexy section. Dowwww. I love this part of Love
Actually. actually…this one’s sorta for mat too lol. woot.

AHAHAHAHHA. this is for the bitches and hoes that are incompetant and refuse to go anywhere alone. its pathetically true.

*cries*….waaaaaa….too true. and this one is for Paul…since…waaaa. i think thats why i fell in love with him

heh. just cause…its true. and upsettingly true how true it is.


Bah. Just cause….well…you know why. hahaha. oooo baby.cuz sadly it raped us alllll.

aw. this one just cause it reminds me…of…memories….cuz oasis is
the shit…and cuz this song was RAPED by hun. and therefore i despise
the citizens of hun for it.

this one…is cuz…i felt like it…

dowww dashboard. plus its true.

LOLOL. GET BACK IN YOUR BOX. This one is because it’s my new phrase…
yesssss. so. get back in your box. i mean honestly. how flippin bitchin
can it get?

ahahahaha this is for all the half-human girls that say i heart you.
but…i cant exactly say my record is clean. but i can still make fun
of it.

ahaha. I don’t exactly know what’s with the oranges…maybe its for
like…tropicana….but……this one just cuz i say that alll the
time. its obese.

ek. true.

AHAHAHA. how could i resist? It’s upsettingly true. i abuse things.

AHAHAHA…The Section for Rob….Otherwise known as…Lauren is horny and these are amusing:

as rob, jon, adam, jmo, emlyn, mat, sarah….and everyone else would
like to state: apparently im the
horniest-high-school-girl-known-to-man. just thought id clear that up.

*dies of laughter remembering emlyn*…this is for emlyn! this is
because we tap asses! this is because we want to tap your ass! this is
because our asses have been tapped! and other such forms of that
message. please. for our sake. tap that ass.

*laughs again* hahaha how is this not amazing? reminds me of the good old days….wait….awkward

lolol who says that? awkward….

thats beasty. i want to go there.

ooo baby. thats one sexy axe. awkward.


ok. thats actually slightly disturbing. lol. ok. and on that note…i think it’s time to stop lol.

Alright. I got that out of my system.

o BABY. this is for sarah. sweeet. actually. its for everyone that i call a whore. cuz its just amazing.

AHAHAHAHA. FOR MAT! dawww….good old days.

THE GREATEST AVATAR IVE EVER SEEN. MUFFINS=SEX. MUFFINS! honestly. it needs no explanation.

lol. *worships icon* hahaha that is amazing. actually…its so
amazing…and so upsettingly true…that im gonna make it my user pic.

dawwww….mad sick of that song…but it reminds me of…lots of memories…lots. sexy.

OMG. GREATEST THING EVER. have u seen the song of this? o babyyy. Do
you like potatoes? ‘Cause I like potatoes. lol. wow. gooood times. plus
sam is just mad pimpin. beyond belief.

*DIES* Greatest freaking icon in the history of mankind. haha *is obscenely amused*…wow. this makes me want to be a man.

bah. its very me. its very me being sentimental. its very upsetting.


hahaha this is me accepting that im blantantly and obscenely obvious
even though i convice myself soooo well that im sooo subtle. haha. its
obscene. plus the dude looks like a massive sexpot.

lol. this is….obscene. *is sickly and vaguely amused*…mwa ha ha.

ooooo baby. you have NO idea. ….awkward.

you make me want to…be….bisexual. lol this is beasty.

this is for sam…cuz she loves that line….awww beastation nation. its mad ghetto.

omg. rape him. now. its mad hot…eh?

awwww… cute. how adorable.

woooo straylight run…*cheers*…i want this song. in my pants. this reminds me of amy…always.

RAPETASTIC! ooo babyyyy.

hahahaha…the muffin returns! muffins are just sooo cheddarific.

ahahahahaha this one reminds me of bob. because this is bob. because
bob is exactly like this. and because bob is a stick figure too. haha
its just the meaning of life. i love bob piel.

haha. no really. this isn’t a metaphor. im really done. but its still a sexy picture.

WOOOO. that was an incredibly beasty waste of time. and mat realllllly
needs to get on. alright. now that i have suffieciently filled your
head with worthless images…its time to go watch a movie. ooo baby.


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