For caroline:

just thought I’d share. teehee. there’s more where that came from too. ❤

ok. so i think i have officially stopped having a heart attack, sweating profusely, dying, breathing heavily and generally not being able to think at all. yes yes. my life has OFFICIALLY become complete. yes. yes. PAUL FUCKING IMED ME HOLY FUCKER AAAAAAAAAAAAAH. *dies* i dont think ill ever be the same…ever. again. so this is the story…TADA:

Paul: hey check out this
AnInnocentBanjo: hm?
Paul signed off at 4:17:12 PM. 
Paul signed on at 4:17:40 PM.
AnInnocentBanjo: whatd u send me?
Paul: dont click on it
AnInnocentBanjo: o….
AnInnocentBanjo: is this dan?
Paul: yeah
AnInnocentBanjo: y shoudnt i click on it?
Paul: no someone sent it to me and I clicked on it and it sends a message to everyone on your buddlist with a link and if they click on it then the same thing happens to them
AnInnocentBanjo: hmph
AnInnocentBanjo: evil
Paul: haha
AnInnocentBanjo: wait, how do u have my sn?
Paul: I dont even know
AnInnocentBanjo: nice
Paul: this is lauren right
AnInnocentBanjo: suchenski? ya
Paul: thats waht I though
AnInnocentBanjo: cool
AnInnocentBanjo: kinda figured u were dan…
Paul: hahaha you are good
AnInnocentBanjo: ive got talent
Paul: ahaa
AnInnocentBanjo: nice laugh
Paul: I try
AnInnocentBanjo: yup
Paul is away at 4:53:07 PM.

(ok i actually went away before him…it just doesnt say that…EEEK)


OOOOPS. His sn kinda gave it away. *edits*


If he honestly wanted to talk to me…or if he cared AT alllll he would have said something else…but nooooo……what an evil evil man. HMPH I HATE U.


Rob would like to say that:

Type type type. Type type type. Type that keyboard. Type that keyboard. Sorry about that. I can’t control myself and lauren has a fat belly. now she’s yelling about how i touched her. Now that is unwanted physical contact.

thank you rob.

haven’t done this yet (not my answers):


What makes you smile: boxes. cardboard boxes. and paul.

What makes you cry: fake moustaches.

What makes you laugh:  Jmo’s womb.

What makes u feel bad inside:  when we eat people

What makes you feel good inside: killing Algebra.

What determines what kind of a day you have:  depends if I see paul or not

What makes you mad: ALGEBRA!!!!!!!! (aka applause)

What makes you jealous: mmmm jon making out with jmoooo

Do you have a Ego: rob does.

What do you think about egotistical people: they’re everywhere, yes, even in your underwear.

What ruins a good day: paul not having an erection

What makes your confidence plumit: plums

Who gets on your nerves:

What turns you on: afros, mustaches, hairy legs, hairy chests, piano playing men, people who have a lot of wrinkles on their face.

What turns you off: elephants

What bores you: human beings


Who makes you smile: ahhh, paul, hoben, everyone, everyone!

Who makes you cry: nobody

Who make you want to die: hmmm, not too many people make me want to do that anymore

Who makes you happy your alive: errr

Who turns you on: paul

Who turns you off: that other paul, or not?

Who makes you laugh: everyone

Who makes you gelouse: rgdfg

Who makes u feel all warm and fuzzy: paullll

Who makes u feel cold: mother

Who makes you frightened: authority figures

Who makes you shy: everyone as well

Who makes you feel like royality: uh

Who do you love (other then family and close friends):

Who do you wished loved you:

Who do you want to like you (as a friend): people in my history class, paul, et.c

Who do you want to like you(more then friend): see above


Why do you think people smoke: because they are not satisfied with the air around them

Do you want to change yourself: sure

Why: what do you think

Why do you think people flirt: to feel good

Are you a flirt: no

Are you shy: somewhat

Why are you shy:

Why are you mean to nerds: no

Do you like it when people are mean to you? oh yeah, turns me on bebeh

THATS WHAT I THOT^^….whatever man.  I said it turns me on.


Where do you go to cry:  away to the hilllsss

Where do you go to vent: under my bed

Where do you go to chill: in the freezer

Where is your favourite resting spot: under my desk

Where do you go when you feel like dieing: in a glass cup

Where do you go when you need to clear your mind: to the brain vacuum center

Where do you go for help: psychiatrist


When do you think about ur life the most: afternoons

When do you feel the worse during the day: afternoons

The best: in my dreamsss

When do you cry alone: oh please

When do you flirt the most: in the morning when I’m looking at the mirror.

First– The Basics

Name: Kelli
Age: 15
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5’1
Fav Color: white
Fav Song: none
Hobbies: none

Now onto the intersteing stuff–

Do u have a crush: yes
Wanna for over there name?: that didn’t make sense, but okay, his name is Paul
Do they know u like ’em?: no
How long have u liked them?: not very long.  I don’t really like him

Do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:
If so, who?:
How long have u gone out:

Enough of the stupid stuff onto the thinking questions–

What does love mean to u?: it means sharing your cranberries and laughing about it afterwards
Have u ever been in love according to your definition?: no, never
R u Still in love now?:
I’ve always wondered, has love hurt you?:

Some Questions to think about:


(1) And u were a virgin, would u go and have sex before u died? naahhh, go out pureee cuz.
(2) Is there NE where u would want to go?  Germany
(3) Is there a someone that you would tell that u love? my momma and dadda and lorin and chris
(4) Would u tell all your crush’s that u liked them? no, wtf for.
(5) Would u live your life like normal or want a whole bunch of special treatment? normal.  I’d tell no one.
(6) Would u tell NE one what was going on? nahhh, maybe my parents.  I think they would know.


(1) Would u through a party? ….SURPRISE!  YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!
(2) Tell them what u really thought? …stupid biacchh…diiee mutthaafakkaa.
(3) Say this person isn’t a real good friend, would u still be by there side or pretend that they didn’t exsists?  …pffft.
(4) Would u be more sad if it were a guy or a girl? guy, aww.  I’m sexist.

Back to the Stuff ONLY SOME want to know.
{{Love Life}}

(1) Are u Still a virgin? yes of course
(2) If not, Was it good? ha ha
(3) If you’re still a virgin, how far have u gone? oh you know, just the penis in the vagina, but I’m still clean.
(4) Will u make it through HS w/o having sex? of course

(1) Have u been fingered? no
(2) Was is good to u? no
(3) Ever given head? no
(4) How ’bout a hand job? no
(5) Do u ever get drunk? yes
(6) Ever remember what u do when your drunk:  commit suicide

(1) Have u fingered a girl before?
(2) Did she like it?
(4) Ever Got head?
(5) A handjob?
(6) Do I reall need to ask if u’ve ever got drunk?
(7) Ever remember what goes on?

Last but not least…
(1) Do u live in the attic of your basement? of course
(2) Have u ever laid down in the middle of a street? wanted to when I was drunk
(3) IF SO, what time was it?
(4) Did u get hit? oh yeah, run over my face.

(5) Does your boat float? whatever
(6) Do u even have a boat? no


” But with regard to the material world, we can at least go so
far as this-we can perceive that events are brought about not by
insulated interpositions of Divine power, exerted in each particular
case, but by the establishment of general laws.”

lol duno i found it on some website…thought it sounded cool…by darwin or something….


Another time, no bio.


Name: Ren

Date: 4-27-05

Time: 11:55 AM

Age: 14

Sex:  Female

[Part 1]

(1). Are you involved with anyone at the moment? …….No……

(2). If so – how long have you been dating them? ….

(3). Is it a serious relationship? ….

(4). If you are single – do you want to be in a relationship? mmm not really…unless it’s with Paul…*sigh*

(5). Why?  Um…just feeling weird…and like being alone lately…plus its too much work…plus our grade is retarded.

(6). What do you enjoy most from a relationship? ummm….sex….and chocolate.

(7). What are the three most important things in a relationship? love? ya. i got nothin.

(8). Describe your idyllic boyfriend/girlfriend’s appearance: ….Paul.

(9). Describe your idyllic boyfriend/girlfrend’s personality: ….Paul. …funny…sensitive, smart…weird…fun…dunno

(10). Is personality or appearance more important to you? personality by a long shot

(11). Have you ever been in love? …Teehee….*looks away*

(12). Are you in love at present, if so, who with? AH PAUL.

(13). What turns you off? Guys who are stupid. lol no that came out wrong. ah i cant think of anything…..ppl like chris

(14). What turns you on? obsessive, mellow, weak minded, strong minded, powerful, weak, funny, serious, open minded, his way or nothing, etc.

[Part 2]

(15). Have you ever had a dream about sex? ummmmmmmm

(16) Who was it with? def Paul

(17) Did you enjoy the dream? uhhhh….

(18) What’s your sexuality? uhhhhhhhhhh

(19). Would you say you are open minded about your sexuality? Yea…

(20). Would you ever kiss/sleep with someone of the same sex? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………*looks away quickly….blushes*

(21). Have you? …UHHHHH….*Stares straight ahead….*

(22). If you could sleep with ANY male celebrity, who would it be and why? AAAAAAAH DR DR DR! Omg because he’s a sexpot fiender…YES.

(23). If you could sleep with ANY female celebrity, who would it be and why? uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….dunno. bob? um. Oprah?

(24). What is your opinion on:

      (a). Oral sex: Good? ……wet…………

      (b). Sex outside: lol….def love it….i do it all the time

      (c). Anal sex: uh……have fun…….

      (d). Dominatrix: kinky.

      (e). Bondage: m. wait do i really have to answer these questions?

      (f). Porn: ……porny….AH INFERNAL PLAN

(25). Would you have sex outside: lol i do it everyday!

(26). Where? on stage……at the mall…….in the cafeteria…

(27). Share your sexual fantasies with us in graphic detail – go on:  Wait what? Are you kidding me? …..awkward….

(28). How frequently do you feel horny? lol. funny.

(29). Fast or slow:  ……this is getting quite awkward…

(30). Rough or romantic? both….?

(31). In the light or darkness? OOO rawr

(32). Would you say you’re flirtatious: hahaha yes

(33). When you’re around someone you like how do you act? HAHAHA wow. dont even go there. im retarded. oh yes, the jealousy complex. oh i have too many complexes to keep track of.

(34). Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone you would usually consider as highly unattractive (who) ? haha YES. gidding.

(35) If so – who was it and how long ago? ….now.

(36). Would you say you were romantic, if so, what ways? AH ARE YOU KIDDING ME. YOU ARE TALKING TO THE HOPELESS ROMANTIC QUEEEEEN. ok ok ok. my life…is Ed. im the kinda girl that needs the knight in shining armor with the white horse and blanket of roses and poetry and fireworks with the kiss….ya. not to say I’m high maintenance…just highly…fantasy….I have issues.

(37). Where would be your preference for your first date?  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *plots*

(38). How far would you go on your first date?  def all the way lol

(39). What do you find sexiest in the opposite/same sex? um. manlynessness?

(40). List all the people you think are hot: Um…Paul….Paul….and…Paul. that’s it. oh and miles. jk

Time finished: 12:07 AM

wow. ok maybe that was more awkward than i invisioned…maybe we wont show that one to everyone….o dear.


So Random It’ll Make Your Head Hurt!

Do your teeth chatter or do you get chill bumps?:: *ponders*…perhaps…
Do you eat your vegatables?:: ek. when i have too. im a baby.
Or are you a picky carnivore?:: …no…except when im eating jmo
What is your opinion on not eating your veggies?:: i…think…im going to die…
Does it mean that you are picky?:: IM SO CONFUSED NOW
Or does it mean that you are just a carnivore?:: i am….carnivorously….carnivorous….
Is pass the pigs the best game ever?:: o totally. i love them pigs.
Have you ever even heard of that game?:: no
If someone is irresistable does it mean you love them?:: …if you’re an antelope…maybe…
If you love someone does it mean they’re irresistable?:: hmm, this is quite like that thing about a square being a rectangle, but a rectangle not being a square.
Have you ever seen anyone mowing the lawn on the interstate median?:: no, wait, yes. wait….maybe. AH. green, no red, yes…AH.
If not, how is the grass always cut if no one ever sees it being mowed?:: magic.
Who the heck would wanna mow the lawn on the interstate median anyway?:: many people.  It’s good money. Lots of profit. Little taxes.
Is this survey making your head hurt? only my kidney
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?:: on tuesdays…
If so, have you ever had an argument?:: on saturdays…
What was it about?:: this survey
Did you ever argue over who was cuter?:: I am. It’s not even a fight.
What do you think it means to be unified?:: like….bondage?
What’s the first thing you think of when you hear…?:: wait what? jigga what?
How often do you have dreams where you are naked?:: every night.
Was this survey retarded? Only on tuesdays.


❤ Peace out it be lunch.

I miss it. I miss everything.

i don’t think of you as a crush anymore >> you’re more like a bad habit i can’t shake.

the only thing that truely
scares me is what lOve
can do to a person…

“me? i’m scared of everything. i’m scared of what i saw, i’m scared of what i did, of who i am, and most of all i’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way i feel when i’m with you.”

you sit and stare, trying to think of an answer. but the only image you can see clearly is of a guy to which no other seems to compare. they ask you, “do you like him?” … you shift your gaze away from them answering, “no” … but from the distant, empty look in your eyes … they can tell it’s killing you inside to tell that horrible lie.

Sry random quotes. So today has been…………fun. I think Raiford has LOST his freaking mind. It’s kinda scurry.

Back at school. Back at insanity. Today has been extremely boring…except for the fact that Brent flipped a shit and nearly cried in Bio today…nothing interesting.


My weekend was hot. I’ll have to write about it later I guess. Sexpots.

I’m supposed to be writing my French essay…I’m wayyyy tooooo lazy. It’s pathetic.

Ok so. Ummmmmmmmm. My life. My life is grand. Makes me want to Lala. Ok so today. Math was boring…history was boring…raiford made NO sense…drama was fun…lol we did plays and brian’s one line was “DEATH? MEANING ME?!” And he was so into it and it was so absolutely hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing. his character was foppington. ❤

activities was meeting and awwwwwwwww he looked SO adorable…i cud see him thru the crowd…and awww…and then he went up to get prom pictures and he runs like a girl and walks like a penguin. i think its ADORABLE.

bio lololol aww brent was like crying because felker hid his backback and then he tried to get back at him and felker found it in like 3 seconds…brents backpack was like in a paper holder……..losers. they spent the entire period freaking out. brent was about to lose it. what losers. …..

uhm. uhm. uhm. 5th and 6th were me not doing my french essay….again. and making more excuses…and abusing myspace. 6th was lunch. EEEEEEK! he walked up like RIGHT behind us and it was sooo freaking adorable and then when i went to get lunch we was right next to me and he started making weird noises and making fun of me. what a loser. i heart him profusely. then walked down with him too and he was like walking with us cuz he’s retarded and cant walk properly. then he caught up with angela. hmph.

french HAHAHA. someone is sooo funny. then english. kinda boring. talked about war. THE FUCKING HUN REVIEW CAN DIEEEEEEE.

God dammit.

stupid ass rehearsal was cancelled. i went and wrote my bio and it was reallllly bad. and um. paul looked hot.

OMG CAROLINE MADE MY DAY. she took me into the library where paul was and i got to watch him clean out the pencil sharpener…and pet the stapler…YESSSSSSSSSS. It def made my week. i heart you caroline.

then uhhhhhhhhh. wow i cant think at ALL today.

paul played demetrius and wow. it was so hot. it made me want to be a man.

LOLOLOLOL the funniest thing happened. sam and i went out to look for paul’s car…like we always do. and im sitting there talking to myself loudly like “hmm i wonder where he is…he looks hot today…i love him…do you think he’s going to rehearsal today? oh! theres his car…mmm it looks sexy…like him…etc etc” and i think i even said his name…then all the sudden i realize that the trunk is popped and lol he’s standing there but i cudnt see him behind it…lololo and his hair’s sticking up…aaaaahahahaha he heard the whole thing and i was like flipping out. im like AHHHHHHHHH SAM HE’S THERE. which prolly made it even worse. i had to run for my life. it was quite sad. honestly. if he doesnt know by KNOW then there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that boy. not even kidding. ❤

So in the end, I’m not special. Not at all. It all falls down to this one moment…and in the mirror…there is nothing. Every thought, motion: relived. Yet it’s not depressing. If anything, uplifting….That we’re all involved in this universal idea of one. That your life isn’t sad…or meaningless. But another patch in the quilt…each more beautiful and delicately woven than the next. And it’s not sad at all. Even these thoughts: recreated. Most are dragged down by the idea that it’s meaningless, that I am nothing. But at the same time, I am everything. No one is nothing and no one is everything. I believe in one, but not God, not Jesus. Just hope. And optimism. And spring. And life…whatever it is.

I fell in love with an illusion, but the illusion’s faded. And so I kill it. It’s no longer a game and it’s no longer reality. So this is my goodbye, and I promise I won’t cry, but stand here by my side and wait. Wait for the tears to pass. Wait for the sun to come up. Wait for the mirror to shine back in face. I fell in love with an illusion, but now…Now I’m in love with…you. Only…you.

What a sexpot of a day. No really. It was beastin.

Paul changed my life.

The advanced scene performance was AMAZING. Amazing. I saw it twice…oh grrrr I wish I’d seen it first period too. Boooo. Ummm…Jen’s and Luq’s was hot…CAROLINE WAS SO GOOD. i love you. then all of them were hot and paul sounded smart talking at the beginning…and he was staring at christina…and paul actually seemed really nervous. awwwwwwwww. THEN. the most amazing thing everrrrrr was Paul’s scene and i cried. it was AMAZING. and he was so serious and sad…and i wanted to run up and rape him profusely…i seriously cried. i saw it during english and 6th. and they cut it off both times. FUCK YOU. lol

god i searched everywhere for the quote that made me cry…but I can’t find it…BOOOO. This is all I can find:

“…sometimes I think my head is so big because it is so full of dreams.”

I seriously neevr want to forget seeing that. Paul is truly the love of my life.

um. i slept in until like 8:30. got alot of sleep. french we had a test…aaaah i had no idea. that sucked. i FAILED. english was the performance. activities was sexy. bio AAAAH we had a test and not even kidding i failed i didnt study at alll. booooooooooooooo. zeiglers been all pmsing lately. pisses me off. uhhhhhhhhhm frees were hot. went up 5th. boring. THEN saw the performance again 6th.

LOLOL in the group scene dan newsome’s like “We’ve been waiting for 4 hours…where have you been?” and some random guy in the audience goes “The bus was late”………..and we’re all just like…….wtf????

math was drawing. history was hysterical. raiford is mental. its rather funny.

didnt see paul at all today cuz of the performance….realized what’s its going to be like without him. TERRIBLE. *cries in corner*


Rehearsal was amazing…much like yesterday…let’s see what i can remember:

-Uhhhhh….lolol they attacked newsome…so sad.
-Paul poked me with his stick…its such a hot stick.
-The bower scene was steamy…and unlawful.
-My scene was fun…and the music is purdy
-LOLOL omg i landed in the weirdest position aaaah. i was like on jen and sam in this weirddddd way with my face down and my stomach was growling profusely
-2nd bower scene wasnt quite so steamy.
-when Paul was supposed to be sleeping he kept opening his eyes and looking at me and smiling.
-Richard is an amazing actor.
-cant remember anything else…
-Ms ohm said my said was beautiful in notes…WOOO
-paul wants me…he ran after me to get to the car
-OO i wore my sexy ass beatles shirt today…WOOOOO

I’m so freaking scared he’s gonna find my xanga. *Hides*



“No more tearful hugs, no more false reconciliations… That’s not real.”
– Carol Vessey (on the past)

“Everywhere I went, I saw us… I love you. I love every part of you.”
– Ed Stevens
“Can I please kiss you now?”
– Carol Vessey

What do I do with myself now?

“Face it, Ed, there’s one fantasy you’re not quite ready to part with.”

Mmmm. Today was by far THE greatest day of my entire life. Not even kidding. I know I say that a lot these days…

Ok so I’m at the library and there’s this insanely weird kid stalking me and reading all my stuff…eeek…its prolly cuz my thongs showing…but hes kidna cute…so w/e

omg. rehearsal was the greatest thing in my entire life. He loves me. Not even kidding:

-Omg. so I thought we wudnt have to talk today…but she made me do my scene like 53829402 times…for an hour. not even kiddding. and i got so tired and fed up that I wasnt even acting…it was evil. and paul was sitting front and center so BOO. he knows im an awful actor so whatever. my acting skills = PIECE OF SHIT. Anyyyyyyyway. ms ohm like changed all of the stuff so now i dont get to move and i just have to sit in the freaking corner all alone. and i was looking like a porn star and it was obese. oh well. kiala’s amazing. anyway. i sucked ass. thats besides the point. Buttttt…apparently paul was staring at me the whole time…awwwwwwwwwwww..i LOVE YOU.
– lol Ms ohm called me sensual.
-OMHFG. Paul was AMAZING. he was lying all UPPP in there…in between my open legs and kept rubbing his ass up in there…and like rubbing back and forth and honestly…3 more minutes and i would have orgasmed ALLL over him. not even kidding. i was having so much trouble containing myself.
-lol my dancing scene was freaking retarded. i suck. honestly. i shud die.
-AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW he’s adorable!!!!!! we’re all doing our weird thing and im like straddling some piece of wood and ms ohms like ok Paul, who’s doing the best of the fairies? And he’s like…LAUREN. Lauren!!!! Definately Lauren. And she’s like why? and he’s like (in this strangely sexual way) “She does AMAZING things with her body”…lol it was THE funniest thing everrrrrrrrr. then he’s like…lauren…do that second pose…and ms ohm like “the one where she’s pole dancing?” and hes like “YEA yea i liked that one…do that one lauren…” lolol flippin amazing. i want you so bad.
-every time i did something weird on the platform he laughed…which meant he was paying attention…SCORE.
-Oh dear. the bower scene the second time around was BEASTIN. eeeek mf. omg he was like playing with my hands and fingers but it was like below the wood thing so no one could see so it was just like…
-We def shared like 30 moments together today. *sigh*
-Then he was like supposed to be sleeping and kept opening up his eyes and looking at me. and then all the sudden his arm flies out and he points at me and then he’s like nodding his head and looking at me all weird and im like shaking my head at him and he’s like pointing at him and then at me…like we shud b together…it was awesome…and i was paul. no.
-lol he screamed and ms ohm and i made fun of him
-omg it was so amazing…i cant even put it into words.
-UMMMMM….i love him.
-EEEK he tried to run me over. lol we’re saying good bye and he gets in his car and starts chasing me and tries to run me over…i had to go beat him. he deserved it.
-eeek…we are in LOVE. i can’t even explain.
-we was really warm…and soft…and comfortable…in my legs…and horny…and he def had a bulge. not even kidding.
-I can’t act.

Omg lolol it was amazing…he came into our drama class today with the POT! he made and it was amazing…he gave it to ms ohm and it was beautiful..i was making fun of him for the pot.

Alix approves of Paul…YESSS.

OH PLUS. He made fun of me again for laughing. we had a totally awesome conversation all the way around from the candy lady thru the library to my history class and it was…life changing. and i was like “come on Paul, you laugh just as much as I do” and hes like…ya….so? lol i want him. SOOOOOO bad. it was an awesome convo…so long that i cant write it out. SCORE. but he called me bird too. i love it when he does that. brings tears to my eyes.

I think someone’s a lesbian. Teehee teehee.

OMG! Mr. Raiford came up to me and apoligized for being a bitch…it was SOOO weird. he has MAJOR issues. History…was retarded…he’s lost it…and drama was beastin. shortened periods. eeek. secret spot was hot. rob is sooo weird.

If I remember anything else…I’ll be sure to tell ya.

After practice….dinner…fun….then talked with campbell…then we played volleyball. BEASTIN. i was AMAZINGGGGGGGG at it. not even kidding. i was so into it lolol and i SUCKED ass. and i was in a box. and campbell sucks..and marc sucks…but thats ok because royce sucks more LLOLOLO he hit it alllll the way over the building into the tennis courts…it was AMAZING. and apparently i was kinky. lolol i got so tired that i made a snow angel and now im allllll sandy. score. oh and i made a kick ass hit…WOOOO. my only one. alright. that was fun. and that was my day. WOOOOT. anddd….now its time to watch Ed.


I get to go see his performance tomorrow…YAYAYAYAY. First freaking period! HELLL ya. I actually get to see it twice. score. drama and english. im sooo going during my free periods too lol. 4 times! ok that would be stalkerish……not…that…that’s….any different from normal…but….OH WELL.