Please don’t be afraid of me.

It’s been one of the hardest days of my life…second only to
yesterday. I’m just a big old mess…Not quite sure where all the tears
are coming from…but they’re coming. Yesterday was one of the longest
but most magical days of my life. I don’t see how I can do anything
else with my life now. It was incredible…and Ms. Ohm is beyond
comprehension. I wish I could tell how much this has meant to me…But
I can’t. I gave her a present and a letter today and I had to try so
hard not to break down. I tried to keep it simple because I knew if I
kept going it would get mushy and sad. I didn’t want to say anything I
would regret but I didn’t want to regret not saying anything. I handed
my script in rather unceremoniously and without a second glance…it’s
gone.I wish I could have stayed in this moment forever. That moment.


I’m changed. She’s changed me. Changed the way I think. The way I
move. Changed what I want to do with my life. God she’s powerful. Her
words…she’s just a strong woman. Not overly domineering…but
precise…willed…powerful. Emotionally strong and intellectually
vast. She’s changed me. Not just her…the whole
experience. Every single being effected me. And continues to effect me.
I just hope I don’t forget it. It was a once in a lifetime
oppurtunity…something I’ll never ever forget…and something I’ll
never get back. It was more than incredible. It was more than I ever
could have hoped for. It was a masterpiece and if I dare…perfection.
And I will cherish every moment for as long as I live.
You know, I never actually thought this day would come…it’ll cry me
to sleep for months I suppose. That’s sad. But that’s so beautiful at
the same time. Something so important and it consumes one…its
powerful. And it was my world. For two months I was living and
breathing and drinking West Side Story. Not being afraid to get
attached. That’s what it was. Not that I didn’t know it would end…Not
that I wasn’t scared out of my mind that it would end…Not that I
wasn’t dreading this day since the day it began…But willing to endure
the pain for the moment. This one shining moment. It’s not something I
can put into words…though I try…its something much greater. It’s a
magic…and a bond…and a blossom. And a split second of perfection.
And brief though it
was…it changed me. And for that…I am forever grateful.

Thank you.

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’ve missed so much. I’m sorry…I
feel like I’ve missed a chuck of your lives…our lives. I’m sorry I’ve
been acting so strange. I’m sorry I’m so emotional. I’m sorry I’m so
sentimental. I’m sorry I won’t top talking about him. I’m sorry I can’t
get over this. I’m sorry for yelling at you today. I’m sorry I’m
drifting. I’m sorry I can’t be a better person. But most of all, I’m
sorry it couldn’t have lasted longer. I’m sorry he and I will never
work out. I’m sorry I can’t admit that to myself. Mostly, I’m sorry
that this dream has to end. I’m don’t regret a single moment these past
two months…and for that…I’m not sorry. I only wish it could have
lasted forever.

But now…I turn my back on the dream and return to you. Back to
reality. But I really feel as if I’ve fallen from heaven. Out of my
little world and back to…this…place. Back to drama and tears. Not
tears like last night…but worthless ones. Reality. Oh, I don’t think
I’ve ever quite gotten along with reality. But at least now I have to
accept it. So onward…and goodbye. Goodbye to an era…Goodbye to a
dream…Goodbye to something much more magical than I’ll ever be able
to comprehend. Someday…

“Goodnight…goodnight…Sleep well and when you dream…Dream of me…”

These tunes will play forever in my heart and one day we’ll look
back and remember fondly how this family spent two months together
growing and learning and touched people…touched them enough to get
them out of their seats…every night. It was a blessing. And it’s been good…I’ll be seeing you.

“…Someday…we’ll find a new way of living…we’ll find a way of forgiving…”

God. I miss it already. Listening to the soundtrack hurts. I wish I
could have just one more day…What am I gonna do with myself? It’s
gonna take some time to let go…Even more time till I stop listening
to the soundtrack religiously.

I know the fucking computer’s not gonna let me finish this…boo. I’ll be back.

I can’t decide whether these past two months have been a blessing or
a curse…I suppose…if you can justify the pain…it is. And I think
I can. But these sorrows are enough to drown a real world five times
over. If only I wasn’t so dependant on dreams…But I am. So I suffer.
And I soar. I rocket and I dig. But that’s what makes me human. And it
was a tragically beautiful…gift. With an extra helping of
tears…which only proves it’s magesty.

Alright. Now down to business. Soooooo. Where did I leave off? I’ll
just tell you about Sunday since it was sooo super…or maybe I’ll
write it on the sunday part….hmmmm *thinks…runs over to sunday’s
entry*…i’ll see you there

I want to thank Christina for being there for me even when she didn’t have to. I don’t know what I’d do without you girl.

Phee and I’s story (its a masterpiece):

Hannah never has great raging forgasms…”HEY yo yappy yippy yacks”
said hannah, who was finally getting bucked up by a homosexual dan.
Elongated wontons got tangy yesterday… Hannah thought that those
crunchy tangy noodles she had yesterday were even at level to

I wish I could tell you…Who…I….am.

West Side Story

The last day. The last time we’ll EVER get to do this. I didn’t think
this day would ever come. I prayed this day would never come. But here
we are…so I guess I have to make the most of it.

Getting a standing ovation made me cry…Two nights in a row.

I want to cherish this day forever. Two shows…I’m gonna be exhausted.
But this has been the most incredibly exhilarting thing that has
happened to me and I never want to forget a moment. But tonight…poof.
After all we’ve done…just…gone. And I can’t handle that. These
moments, these people…have meant the world.

“Even if it only lasts from one night to the next, it’s worth the world.”

Gotta go soon…the show is growing near…Next time I write…it’ll all be over.


And that was it. Probably one of the most memorable days of my life. Let me write it down so I don’t forget.

It started off innocently enough…got there around 11:30…2:00 show.
Wandered around…I still didn’t feel too sad…But it was upsetting
since it was our last day. We started getting ready…taking lots of
pics…Running around…Makeup…costumes…teehee…tattoes. Then I
think we went on stage a little. Conor’s a beast. Fun fun. Then
uhhhh…Then the warm up…yesss…we went down to the bio room…and
we did our warm up…so much fun. Paul looked sexy. And the
1121123211234321123454321 (wow thats fun to write) was AWESOME. I
finally got it. and i love it. Welly was ontop of the table dancing and
dan was doing the robot…anyway…it was real fun. and we were
clapping. then they sang tonight and they got all pumped haha. took
pictures of that…ill be sure to get them up soon. anyway…warming up
was funnnnn…and exciting…then the squeeze…wish i’d gotten a
picture of it. it really is magical.

The first show went well I think. I love all of the numbers I’m
in…it’s just so much fun. I don’t recall anything horrible in
particular…I think Matt prolly cracked…but that’s alright…we love
him anyway. Standing ovation. It’s really moving. K so then…we got out and I think some people came…I
think it was the Tine gang…then we had our AMAZING make shift cast
party in Raiford’s room. It was a hoot.

Now paul knows i have raiford. im weird. anyway. it was SOOO funny. i
was sitting there and i started singing krupke under my breathe and 5
minutes later we have the entire cast in the room singing it at the top
of their lungs. good times. then chrissy and i started singing Your
Fault and then dan started singing it hahaha…GOOD times.

I’m gonna miss him like no other.

Then we went in Mr. Heyden’s (sp?) room and watched opening night. It
was so much fun. We made fun of each other and were yelling and
laughing. I love em. And when Matt was singing Tonight dan and jon were
making…uhhh….inappropriate….gestures…with his…manliness…it
was hilarious. eric was joining in. man that kid is scurry. Anyway…it
was a blast…and then paul was raping caroline lolol. awww.

“THAT’S WONDERFUL!”- gotta love jonny d.

Then we had to get ready for the second show already. It went by real quick.

There certainly was an aura. An aura of superb mastery of holding back
tears. An aura of everyone putting every ounce of energy in their body
into avoiding admitting the fact that this was the last time we would
EVER be doing this. The last time we would EVER be the same. The last
time we would EVER be together. We’d grown so close. And we were about
to ripped apart…and we knew it. Oh…we certainly were good actors.

“A war council and he goes to the MOVIES!”- more wonderful jonny

We put on our costumes for the last time. Put on our makeup for the
last time. Our mics. Our tattoes. Our shoes. And two months worth of
emotion came spilling out. It was finally real. I was a mess. A big old
mess. But I didn’t actually start crying until we got down to the warm
up room. This was the last time we’d ever warm up together…and I
wasn’t willing to let it go. The only one I could see that was remotely
as sad as me was Jen…and she had more of a reason I suppose. Then we
all had to sing Somewhere. I just couldn’t do it. Words wouldn’t come
out. It was too painful. Especially that song. Then came the final
squeeze. We did it in the dark and it was the first time I’d cried in a
while…and the start of a fit of crying that didn’t stop for about 3
hours. Ms. Ohm told us how proud she was of us…And tears were rolling
down my cheeks onto my shirt. I could hear Ms. Ohm’s voice cracking.
She really is irreplaceable. I was holding Dr. Byer’s hand and there
was dead silence as it went around…the only thing you could hear was
my sniffles and tears. In the darkness. Then I ran up so no one would
see me.

Dan asked everyone to sign his poster and I wrote “You suck-LS” on
it…I don’t quite know why…and I kinda wish I hadn’t now. He was
just being weird…He’ll prolly think I’m weird now. Oh well, I am.

Instead of doing the energy ball exercise…which would have had me in
cardiac arrest…Ms. Ohm had Dan do something…which was a good idea
cuz it was fun. lolol. So it was called like Go or something…and u
stand in a circle and say go and point to someone and then they have to
say go to someone else and it goes on and on. so we were having fun and
then dan’s like ok now u just have to say whatever comes to mind, even
if it’s tit. lol so then we’re going and there’s people screaming all
sorts of things teehee like poop, crack,
penis…potato…AAAAAH….cleavage (at jess)…hahaha and then Matt
points to Caroline and goes “SLLLLLLLLLLLLUT!” hahahahahahahaha it was
hilarious. ummmm ya so that was fun…paul asked me what i thought of
it as we were walking and i felt special. he used my name. i love it
when he does that.

He’s still such a mystery.

This is gonna take me a while to write all this. Ok so then…it was
just about time for the last show to start. It was unbelievably sad
watching it…Knowing every line…every second…was the last time
we’d ever do it. After all the work. I still remember seeing it the
first time…Oh well…I’ll live.

Sooooo…we had a little………plan. That’d we been scheming. For
those EVIL guys who stole the good dressing room. MWA HA HA HA HA.
Alright so when they were all in the prologue we infultrated the room
and took it over. MWA HA HA. *evil laugh* We put TONS on streamers
everywhere and toilet paper alllll over. lololol it was AMAZING. Then
we took ALL of their clothes (except costumes) and hid them behind a
desk…hahahahaha…it was so much fun. Then signed the door “Girls
were here” and all kissed it with our lipstick on. It was AWESOME.
Kudos to lucy. It was beastin. Let me tell uuuu.

The guys got back and thought it was funny. Teehee. Jonny threatened to
get back at us but they couldn’t think of anything. BOO. We win. It’s
going to be a lifelong tradition haha. We started it. woot.

Dance at the gym was fun for one last time…I loved our little fights
we had. Then I put on that hideous purple dress for one last time…and
cool for one last time…Awww. I’m gonna miss both of them.

Then I became a silly little mess again…Crying every 30 seconds as I
was about to do somewhere. It was sad! …Or maybe I’m just a pathetic
softie. That’s prolly it.

Hmmm…Somewhere was beautiful…I was trying SO hard not to cry. It
was the last time I’d ever do it…I really will miss it. It was
probably the most beautifully, captivating…magical things I’ve ever
done. Incredible. I never wanted to leave that stage. However…I have
to say…I won’t miss dancing with Hindle.


“Just play it big with the baby bluesss…big not scared, big!” -dannny

Then I watched Dan’s scene and Officer Krupke for the last time. I
really don’t know how I’m going to live without it. I remember the
first time I saw it. Aw. They were amazing. Really amazing. Balcony buddies one last time. KRUP YOU.

“HEY YOU. YEAAAAAA YOU. Give me one good reason for not draggin ya down to the station house…ya punk!”- johnnnnny

“Society’s played him a terrible TRICK!!!”- dannnny

Then it was time to get ready for the last scene. I was such a little
mess. Dan was playing the itsy bitsy spider up angela’s leg. fun. But
right before we were about to go on, I wasnt feeling teary anymore…i
was pissed becuase i was crying so well before…and when i needed to i
couldn’t. Then it was time.

I walked on and suddenly it came pouring out. The first time I’d
actually been able to cry on stage. Oh it was bad…michelle wrapped
her arms around me and we cried together through the whole scene. the
last time we’d ever do it. this once in a lifetime moment…and it
would never come back. it was finally over. Everyone was crying…and I
walked off one last time without even looking back…crying so hard. I
cried through our curtain call and we did it. One last standing
ovation. And it was complete. And I’ve never felt such painful
happiness. We all held hands and I could feel the bond surging through
us. Then we simply…walked…off. And there it is…gone.

It took me at least an hour to stop crying. I looked like such a fool.
It felt good to be surrounded by so many people crying though…so many
people that cared just as much about it as you did. Most of the seniors
weren’t crying…i think they were in denile…or simply didn’t want to
admit it was over…or knew that if they did start crying…they
wouldn’t stop. Matt was the only one…and I thought it was so
touching…He cried for as long as I did…maybe longer. I cried with
everyone and it felt…very human. I’ll never forget it. Christina and
I were the only one’s crying after a while…But I think after a while
I was only crying so that I could get Paul to hug me…and to get it
all out…which worked…because then I didn’t really cry once I got
home. I hugged Ms. Ohm and Lisa goodbye…I was crying…I love them. I
never did get Paul to hug me…But I guess I’ll just wait till
graduation…I need to tell him I’ll miss him too. I need to tell him
so many things…

I went out to say hi to everyone, but I was such a mess that I couldn’t
even do it…so I never got to see rob and campbell and jmo. It’s
alright, I would cried all over them. After our final partings…we
were all going to go to Wineberries for dinner. My mom drove christina
and I…this is where the story gets wild.

When we got there…we saw the huge group of sexy people walking down
nassau and they told us they were going to panera…so my mom dropped
us off and was going to pick us up later…it was amazing there was
like 20 of us walking down the streets of princeton singing West Side
Story. We did the snapping thing which was so much fun and then sang
the Jet song…Paul was sexy. It was so much fun…I’ll never forget
it. Panera was closed…Triumph kicked us out..we were too rowdy…so
we decided to go somehwere out of princeton. teehee…lauren never told
her mommy where she was. there was confusion and lauren and christina
jumped in engels car with richard. mwa ha ha. we were gonna go with dan
but then we didn’t. we stopped by hun and then went to Hooters. lolol
it was hilarious. we’re driving in engel’s car…rap music BLARING like
no other…the cars like bouncing up and down, no seatbelts…engels
got no hands on the wheel and he’s on his cell phone…then he’s
telling us about the 3 car accidents he got in. lol. it was wild. i
felt very high school. plus its like 11 oclock on sunday night. woot.

So we got to hooters and wooooo it was fun…lets seee….me, chris,
jen, caroline, lucy, dan, welly, derek, richard, aj, engel, jonny,
luke, matt, and nick…i think there was more…i dont remember. dan
was singing songs…there was a picture of hooters pins..and one with a
girl on a rocket…”Got a rocket…in your vagina”…he’s so silly…i
don’t remember what dan said but jen goes “oh shut up mr. never having
even…” and dan gave her an evil look…hehe i think thats a good sign
for me. jonny’s hilarious…he was trying to get the hooters girl’s
number…and he told her it was jen’s birthday…she asked something
about his birthday suit…then they wanted them to buy a shirt…it was
weird…hahahaha there was the most amazing picture of luke

we got curly fries and wings and mmmm it was really good. caroline had
to leave…then danny…curfew. adorable. he wasnt even gonna go to
hooters…but he did. sexy. we had the strangest mix up with dan before
we went…*cough*…anyway…hooters was really fun…alot of the guys were smoking…it was beastin…then the funniest
thing…we called my mom from hooters and we’re like…ummmm…we’re at
the princetonian…and she’s like howd u get there? and we’re like
uhhhh engel drove us….trust me he’s a really good driver…haha…she
was upset and then after a while she was fine and then we’re like ok so
he’s gonna drop us off at hun…and she’s like how bout I just pick you
up and we’re like NO! its ok…really. lolol. that wud suck if she had
insisted on picking us up and we’re like ummmmm actuallllly…we’re at
hooters….forgot to mention that….teehee

We drove back at midnight in engel’s sexiness…it was so much fun…a
night to remember…and a start to a partying high school life. I would
have taken pictures…but then my momma would have known that we went
to hooters…teehee. I love them. I wish that night would have neevr
ended. But it did…and I was exhausted. We drove Christina
home…crawled into bed…and said goodbye one final time…

I remember the first day. And the excitement. I was amazed to actually
get to do West Side Story. It was a gift. And I remember it all so
clearly. And I remember the doubt. Well guess what? We did it. We
pulled it off. And now we’re here already.

I really wish I had written more of last week now. Oh well…Those moments are lost now.

I’m gonna miss Officer Krupke…so bad. And Somewhere.

What a day. What a month. What an experience. It’s been
incredible…and I know I’ll never forget it…but I also know that
“Someday…somehow…We’ll find a new way of living.” And that’s the
sad part…I don’t want to let it go. I know I can. I know I can stop
crying. I know I can move on. I know I can do other musicals and love
other people…I just wish I didn’t have to. I wish time would stop. I
want to thank you from the bottom of my heart…For letting me be a
part of this journey…and I’ll never forget it. I wish I could tell
you how much it meant to me…

Enough now. It’s time to close the book. “Wonderful.”


1 down. 3 to go.

It was amazing. Amazing. I simply cannot find the words…

Wow. alright…so lemmie see…I’ll skip school for now…it was
boring. So christina and i were running around trying to find rides and
we were THIS close to getting a ride with Dan but he made some lame
excuse…loser. We had more fun anyway. So christina got a ride but
there was no room for me so we just decided to walk into princeton from
hun…YES. Fun. And so we had so much fun we walked all the
way..singing all of WSS…Then julia drove by and we’re like JULIA STOP
(we wanted a ride into town) but she drove past and we missed her…so
then Alix drove by and we got to her stop and we jumped into a car and
the little darling gave us a ride…yesss. Btw. keep this on the dl cuz
my mom has no idea that I even left campus…hahahaha we live on the
wild side. toot toot. Alrightyyy…so thenn…we didnt have much money…so went to pizza…and OMG the gangs

it was the scariest thing on earth…there were these 8 year old
gangs…and they were SO disturbing and they were like 3rd graders
trying to be ghetto in princeton with expensive ass phones meeting at a
pizzeria…and im just like wtf. and then they were flirting with
christina and it was disturbing. then haha i was wearing all red and
black and we thought we were gonna get raped by the ACTUAL gangs of
princeton. which is a contradiction in terms, actually.

then griffin showed up…then alex and liz…it was funny…we hung out
and grif went to the bank…then we went to ricky’s. YES. we met up
with the girlies there and jen got a sexy biggg lollipop. and haha i
was stealing candy. SH. don’t tell. we took pictures and haha im so
worried when they develop my mommas gonna be like ummm so when did u go
to rickys? and im gonna b like…uhhh….dont u remember? that….time?

Richard got into Yale graduate school…not that I’m surprised…smart little boy. God I love him.

hahaha guess what? last night was amazing…completely spur of the
moment…but when the show was cancelled we were soooo pissed at dr.
byer…i swear we were gonna rip his eyes out. anyway we were upset and
after we did the curtain call we were like we shud just sleep on
stage…and lucy offered to let us sleep at her house…so we did. it
was beastin. lol

so let’s see…it was fun..we got to her house and looked at 2 years
of her camp photos…yes. looks like a sexy camp…then out of the blue
Dan Reiss showed up and we’re like…um, hi? he wrote on lucy’s posters
and then he left…he cudnt stay for wss…boo. then her friend greg
was randomly coming so we went to pick him up…he is a sexy
beast…then we went to wawa and got Zig and Jen presents. teehee.
ummm…ok i dont remember what happened then…we played taboo and
scattegories…lucy and i def won…dinner was good…chicken…then
uhhhh….don’t remember…

bell rung…wish me luck tonight! I’M STOKED. EEK.

Opening night!

OK then we went up to Russel to watch WSS with the borders and
Zig…it was sooo much fun. we were making fun of all of it…and we
had it all memorized. and we were excluding non wss ppls. and we fast
forwarded through all the tony scenes because he’s ugly.



And Ms. Fox just sayed “partaaaay” and now I’m scared.

i eat cat poop day and night- Andrew G.


Today’s the day. The big day. Day I’ve been preparing for for far too long. I’m excited…sad…but not the slightest bit nervous. I got over stage fright years ago. If I’m scared of anything…it’s of this ending…And never getting these moments back. This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and there will never be West Side Story again. Most of all, I’m scared of losing you. There’s not a doubt in my mind when I say that this has been the greatest experience of my life.

Never let it go.

Yesterday was unbelievable. 2:30-11:30. And now I’m dead. I’ve got my sexy red t-shirt on though…and I’m stoked for the show. And yesterday I got to mambo with Paul and he was feeling me up…but then they ditched me for dinner so now we are sooo fighting. Hmph. I’m mad at him. I’m starting to believe that he really doesn’t like me. Tear tear. It was cool…I was so into it yesterday that I really felt like I was IN West Side Story. Like I was a gang girl in 1957. It was incredible. And for the first time, acting was exhilirating. Yes. This is what I live for.

I still remember the day it all started.

One day I’ll look back…maybe it won’t even be that far from now. A week or two, I’ll be on spring break and this will be a memory and I’ll just remember the day of my first show and how excited I was. This is a moment. This is my moment. To cherish. And hold onto forever. Stop. Please stop. I want to stay here forever. I’m s excited. I’ve been waiting for so long. Months and months of work and tears and laughter…gone. Everything I cared about…over. Today is the day.


She’s such a whore.

I just can’t take this idea of reality. The idea of the walls falling around me and returning to the life I once knew is terrifying. Perhaps that’s why I loved it so much…A beautiful escape from reality. That’s all I do. All I do. Ever.

Greatest/longest day ever. Getting home at 11:30 I have to say, is new
for me. Oh yes. It has begun. Oh has it ever. This won’t stop till I’m
crying my eyes out and falling asleep on Lucy’s shoulder.

9 hours of rehearsal=priceless

I can’t believe its so soon. It’s flying by and I can’t stand
want this moment burned into my memory and I want these people to never
leave and I want the dust to never settle from the stage. I want the
makeup to never smudge and I want the lights to never dim and I want
the audience to never clap and I want him. Him and all of him. I want
to remain transfixed in this moment. For as long as I live.

Today I decided something. Something all at once became clear to me.
This. Ms. Ohm wanted be to stand on stage for the cue to cues…and as
I stood center stage on the black stage with the glorious set behind me
and the pitch black audience in front of me. The audience. Waited. With
bated breath. “59, 45, 66”. The lights exploded. Brilliant greens and
blues and reds. And I stared up at those stars like I’d never be happy
again. And I let them penetrate my skin, sink into my fibers and
overtake me. I stared up at those lights, and out at that
audience…And I smiled. The first real smile I’d had in a while. I
watched those blinding lights flicker in and out…And I knew. This is
where I belong. This is what I want to do with my life. For a
moment…it all seemed clear. If this is all I have in my life…It’s
enough. Just to be on that stage…I realize the only times I’m ever
really happy are when I’m up there…When those lights are blazing and
the music is blaring and I forget my being and just live. Yes. I’ve
made up my mind. Today I decided something.




Today turned out to be completely and utterly AMAZING. We had rehearsal from 12:30 to 6 and it was awesome. Oh, let me tell you lol.

First…ummmm we got there and wandered around and then I found Julia and Royce and we ran around taking picture of everyone it was so hot. Then we went on stage and Paul was there and so Julia tried to take pictures of him and he had these amazing poses…it was beastin. So then he went over to go fix the cards and it was so funny…he was speaking in this weird voice and making fun of us and then we made fun of him and he goes “You can’t make fun of me making fun of you” and we’re like ya we can…so then he made fun of that and then we made fun of that and he’s like “You can’t make fun of me making fun of you making fun of me making fun of you.” and so we’re like “You can’t make fun of me making fun of you making fun of me making fun of you.” lol it was really funny I guess you had to be there. Then royce and julia and i played BS and Paul was jealous that he couldn’t play with us and then it was the funniest thing…Ms. Ohm came in and we’re like AHHHH! “THESE AREN’T OUR PROPS!!!!!!!!” And we just RAN. lolol It was hilarious. And then we’re like aaah we have to clean up the cards…so we ran back and threw them into the thingy. lol it was so funny.

Now I’m sitting here 5th period…and yes I saw Paul before he went to Mr. Brown’s class…and Sam’s sitting here doing her Health project and it was so funny…she was talking about these diagrams of vaginas and here are her brilliant thoughts:  

“Except we don’t have all those words…I mean, we physically do…but you know…Oh nvm” LOL I guess you had to be there.

EEEE. Today is going to be the greatest day…EVER. 9 hours of life will be complete. EEK. Ok gotta go to lunch now.

We had a blast..more webshots pics are up…LUV

OOOOOOOOOMG! I LOVE YOU! Thank GOD it finally works! I thought I was
going to die. No joke. YES. COMPUTER. YES. INTERNET. YES. XANGA. YES.

Sry. I’ve been computer/internetless for the past 4 days and I’ve felt verrryyyy deprived. *Is content now*

I’m afraid to leave the computer incase it explodes.

Alright. Where do I start?  Hmmm…Yesterday…OMG it was the
greatest day of my life. YAYAYAY. WSS Rehearsal allll day. WOOT.I GOT TO SEE MY BABY! Ok
soo…I went at 9…and there was only a few ppl there…like Choi and
Dan and Rose…teehee…and then Jen and Lucy joined and we talked
about my brothers so now Paul knows I have a brother named Dan. Paul
was being/looking sexy. Ummm…then we were sent to retrieve poles from
the library’s secret compartment which turns out to be the coolest
thing ever. Just so you know, the library keeps going…and going…and
going…for like a mile…it SOOO cool. Omg. We shud def sneak in one

Alrighty…thennnn more fun time with Paul…I wish I had written this
yesterday  so I could have remembered the funny things we
said…oh well. we ran around crazed and confused trying on costumes,
finding costumes, finding mics, making fun of each other, and putting
on makeup for the next hour and a half. It was so much fun. LOLOL The
funniest thing was hahahaha ok so I had my dress on and then my jazz
pants underneath and eventually I wanted to take my pants off…and I
was standing there with a bunch of the girlies and so I looked around
to see if any guys were watching and there werent and so I’m like “ok
I’m gonna take my pants off now” and at that EXACT moment dan walks
into the hall as my pants are halfway down my butt. LOLOL. It was so
funny I was like ah! and i pulled my pants up. And Dan was like uhhhhh
what was that. And Julia (gotta love her…whore) goes “She’s taking
her pants off…wanna see?” And Dan’s like “Oh well I’m sure she wants
to take them off even more now that I’m here”…and I’m like
“Yea……no.” Then i don’t remember what he said…And then I took off
my pants and Julia ran after him and was like “Dan do you want her
pants!?” God I’m so gonna kill that girl. lol.

Hahahahaha I was standing there wearing only my tights and Mr. Zeigler
walks in and I’m like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hi? So much fun sharing a
dressing room with 60 girls and guys. I gotta tell you…It was an
amazing experience. Julia is so hot. HAHAHA. “I’m discolored” I had a
little…accident with bronzer…I don’t know why I was using it
anyway…I’m supposed to be american…oh well…I’m stupid.
Um…um…I don’t really remember much else…Lots of mic
confusion…and guys standing there with no pants on…ya…Fun.

Ok so then we started and Katie said she’d give me her webshots cuz it has pics of WSS on it. YES.

I feel betrayed.